Ok I know we are soooo bored


we have our dramas and movies to fall back on. y’all what else are you doing from getting bored? binge-watching yeah I am I do crochet, sew, do some genealogy research, so again what are you doing due to our shut-in time??


Waiting in uncertainty is long…

  • Cleaning house (getting rid of unnecessary things)
  • reading books (lord of the rings, never read it)
  • learning Chinese
  • reading news (but that could make anxiety rise up so with limits)
  • playing quizz with friends met on Viki. It’s also important to keep social links and not feeling isolated

What about homemade crafting?
Making homemade soap (I tried once, it was fun and easy)

What about writing?
It’s been a long time I haven’t written anything just for myself. What about you?

What about making plans when we can get out?

What about gardening? Even at home, it’s possible with avocado seeds:


Nothing much out of the ordinary, since my mom would be a high risk patient. I try to keep our social contact to almost zero, since I heard of the first infection in Europe.
What is keeping me busy:

  • planing to grow some flowers, good thing I still have some potting soil around and collected some seed at the end of last summer.
  • trying to cook something new
  • making my mom laugh, talking, playing with her and watching her favorite movie “Dirty Dancing” together 2 times already. Listening to the radio together or other music. Doing her physio workout together.
  • Starting to collect things that will be thrown out (seems like this is going to be a trend).
  • Started today to use the best crockery, since there will be no guests anyway in the near future, so we will enjoy the nice cups and plates.
  • Cleaning the first time I am making spring-cleaning, since most of the time I am either too late or too early.
  • Crafting bought a few things to make and keep fingers busy in the last days while my favorite home ware shop was still open.
  • I even have wood lime at home, so I could repair the chairs in the kitchen, after some years they are a little unstable.
  • … and we can still work in our gardens, so I won’t get bored at all.
  • and there is Viki, but … oh did the watch history change?
    I wanted to look at how long it has been since I am in the middle of a certain episode, but seems that it doesn’t show it any longer …

Anyway, hwaiting!
Haven’t used it in a while :wink:

  • Binge-watching and subtitling here
  • Reading books (currently Pachinko by Min Jin Lee)
  • MOOCs
  • Social media
  • Learning languages
  • Resting

  • Trying to use up scrap yarn by crocheting or knitting

  • I found a printed cross stitch quilt that I bought years back, I’ll work on that.

  • I’m planning to crochet a doll and sew a Chinese hanfu dress for it, just like how I made Wang So from Scarlet Heart and sewed his clothes.

  • Taking care of the few herbs that I have and the apple trees that I started from seed a year back (btw, growing things from seed is so addicting! My mom bought some kumquats, and I’ve already started saving the seeds so I can start them).

  • Doing homework for online classes

  • Learning to play new songs on my guitar and practicing piano

  • Watching guqin and dizi performances on YT and dreaming of owning both a guqin and dizi someday :smile:

  • Reading and writing (when I can’t satisfy my craving for fantasy stories)


hey y’all did good!!


That’s great! You are doing so many productive things and that’s a wonderful thing.

I can only say my house is shining from so much cleaning so I’m feeding my OCD to the max.

I went to heat up the car since it has been parked in the same spot for days now because we no longer have cleaning rules (so we don’t need to move the car). That would be so hard to find another parking spot since we are all locked up home now. The teachers, the workers, the children are not in school etc…Although. I don’t know why the crossing guard was at her post in the corner that day, and I asked her if it wasn’t dangerous for her to be out but she said FRIDAY ( the day I saw her) was her last day of work. She looked very sad.

I went shopping to several places for some needed basic stuff, and I swear to you it felt like it’s the end of the world that day. Most of the shelves were empty, and the people grabbing everything in a frenzy, the water, some over the counter medicine, and almost everything they saw in sight, that I wondered if they really needed so much. It was like a horror movie from NTFLX.

My daughter and I wanted to breath some fresh air and come back all relaxed but we came back more depressed than when we left (walking). Everyone now has an empty look in their face, and no longer are saying their usual hello or a short chat like we always use to do…(sigh). I mean we could have kept our distance so I really don’t understand what was going through their mind to act like zombies. That makes this situation worse. Why stop doing what we did before? the small chats, the smile in our face as we greet one another.

Well, I guess we need to take one day at a time and hope this is over soon… Oh, I forgot to mention that I went back to my prayings, heavy praying for everyone and everything we are facing right now that was something I had completely stopped doing, and I’m glad I’m back into praying again, and hopefully I will never stop again. It’s relaxing for me and gives peace to my soul.

I mostly pray we don’t lose the internet bc years back we lost the internet for 3 days (can’t remember why), and it was a nightmare I don’t want to go through that ever again lol


Strangely enough, the quarantine hasn’t effected my lifestyle very much. As an introvert, I prefer staying home, only going to necessary places like the gas station and college. I don’t even meet my friends often once school starts, so I’m just doing what I normally would do except that it seems the governor is supporting my introvert lifestyle :smile:.

Oddly enough, I have a different experience. I usually dislike talking to strangers and people outside, but these past few days, I’ve noticed people actually make eye contact with me when I’m walking my dog and we greet each other. I was at Dollar Tree with my family, and we even struck up a conversation with the cashier, which is something I would rarely do under calmer circumstances.

I think prayer is always a good thing :slight_smile: I feel at peace when I pray as well. It’s helped me stay sane and calm (that, and staying away from too much news).


Haha, I must say I’m quite the same, but before I had at least the feeling that I could choose to go somewhere, even when in reality I often didn’t.
Grocery shopping is a whole new experience these days.
There are more neighbours at home, so more noise.
And there’s the insecurity about what will happen next.
So even though my daily life hasn’t changed tremendously, it somehow feels different anyhow.


with me being a senior person (over 70) I have had some groceries delivered to me this past week. so I have really stayed in, only time was friday, had to get my meds. so really home bound,

today, I plan to go into my sewing room(yikes!!) and "organize " what I have. and maybe do some sewing too.
crocheting the plastic mats for the homeless will be next,

like someone said one step at a time. and yes going to do some reading too, study some from the Bible and do a bunch of praying too.
allergies kicking big time so not feeling so well at the moment, but not going to let it stop me, allergies not that virus.

I also am one that rather stay at home than get out again and yes prayer is always the best thing

angelight, yeah take it one day at a time… gospel song, one of my favorites.

y’all have done great! y’all have a blessed day


I just cleaned my room since few days ago. I always wanted to clean my window because my room is on the street side so my window gets a lot of dust on the front side. And because I have so many plants I must clean it so they can get 100% sunshine :seedling:

Maybe I should add here that I am an introvert so for me nothing changed so far lol

I am also editing a lot now because I have now the time to do it (since I dont have any deadlines left xD) because I dont have to work and stay always at home so the time flies by real fast.

Tomorrow I also will start fasting so 1. I can compensate for days of fasting (because I couldn’t) and 2. because I wanted to make my stomach smaller (so I will eat much less than before). The timing now is just perfect here. :star_struck:

I also play a lot of games with friends or solo depending on the situation. :computer_mouse:


“Started today to use the best crockery, since there will be no guests anyway in the near future, so we will enjoy the nice cups and plates.” I started using my china some time back when my cousin said to me “You deserve to sit down to a meal with nice things…don’t wait for company! You paid a lot for it, USE IT!” And she was so right. The virus really just hit my area on the North Atlantic within the past week. Did a LOT of cooking and vacuum-packing.

My mom passed away a year ago on Christmas. She left me 10 MASSIVE photo albums going back to the late 1800’s! I’ve been working on digitizing the photos and building a family tree on Ancestry (I’m back to the 1500’s in France!) Meanwhile, I stream Viki on my second screen! No, I’m not addicted much, am I???

My only problem is that my crazy landlady hired a reaaaaallllly bad contractor to redo some siding on the house. They have been here banging and slamming, starting at 7 am for almost TWO FREAKING MONTHS NOW!! They disappear for days and weeks at a time! So, stuck in the house without anywhere to go listening to it alllll day. I do have a pair of hearing protectors (like they wear at the gun range) so that helps.

But still, I know I have it better than most.

Hope you and your families all stay well!


Since I graduated from high school last year and now I’m skipping a year before college and on top of that I am an introvert, nothing really changed for me.

  • I started to grow things from seed. Though all my 1-2 months old lemon trees died due to lack of sunshine, I still have a pomegranate, an apple and a mango tree and approximately 40-60 sweet pepper seedling.
  • I’m building my little zen garden on the court.
  • doing 30 minutes zazen meditation twice or three times a day.
  • translating manhwas and kdramas
  • learning korean
  • practicing traditional chinese and korean painting
  • trying to make more nuruk (a fermentation starter for makgeolli)
  • propagate our plum tree from branch cuttings to make bonsai out of them and to gift it to others after they grew roots and the quarantine ends
  • teaching my three younger brother since the schools are closed and I help my mother teaching them
  • reading books (the second volume of The Bear and the Nightingale)
  • making soap from oil and lye
  • playing with my cat


Corona Haiku

Long in solitary confinement
talking to yourself.
Loneliness is sprouting


Bored? First of all, I wish I could stay at home all day, I have so many things to do there. But I have to buy groceries for two homes (mine and my mother’s), pet food from the pet shop for all the cats, go to the post office when a parcel arrives, All this takes triple the time, because of the long queues outside, with 2 m distance between us (luckily the weather has been gorgeous). Go to my mother to help her out with food and hygiene (she’s old an in a wheelchair). And of course at home I have to clean and cook and give Reiki to my ailing cat as always. And Viki which takes what it takes (a lot).
The school where I take Korean classes has closed, but we still do lessons on Skype. Thinking that we have nothing else to do all day, the teacher gives us double homework!
The dance and yoga school I work for has also closed, but I do Skype dance lessons three evenings every week (instead of once a week, as the regular lesson was). For free. Not only exercise but also, with share screen, we take one hour more to watch together videos of legendary dancers of the Egyptian Golden Era and I tell them what to look for, about the musical instruments and rhythms, the differences in style, which movements and costumes go with each type of music etc.
The owner of our school, who is a yoga teacher, is also organizing yoga lessons online (paid ones), with Zoom, and I’m the one taking care of all the logistics, keeping in touch with the students, coordinating payments, preparing lists and explaining how to use the platform. And of course the promotion: making a poster, creating pages on our website, a Facebook event (regularly refreshed), sending a press release, posting on other websites, responding to inquiries on Messenger etc.
One of my own dance teachers organizes a Facebook live meeting every evening at 9 o’ clock where she shares precious knowledge from the numerous workshops and festivals she’s been in many countries. Very often I cannot even watch it live, I have to watch it later.
OMG I’m so busy I don’t even have time to dye my hair. Or is it that I can’t be bothered with that, with all this other stuff to do?


Wow, I love seeing all these introverts online! Go introverts, hehe

I was wondering where the corona poetry was! As a writer, I can imagine all the other poets and writers are going to document this time in history with poetry and stories.

Wow, pomegranate and mango! I have a pomegranate tree outside, but I didn’t propagate it–I only planted it and watered it. I’ve tried growing some from seed, but I wasn’t successful. Ah well, I have plenty of time to try again. Yesterday, I went with my family to buy some seeds so I’ll get started on some gardening. I’m excited to plant cayenne peppers and jalapenos!

Wow, irmar, you are really busy! I hope you can get some time to rest as well :slight_smile:



Hope you and your family be safe and healthy during this covid19 trying period in your area. It’s funny you mentioned about your china (I’m glad you’re enjoying it) bc before covid19 I kept telling my mom ‘‘enjoy life and what it offers you, if you want to eat a steak, eat it, and if you want to travel, do it before is too late.’’
I was never thinking this covid 19 would suddenly appear, and would disrupt our life in such way like we are facing right now. My mother has enough money to travel, eat a steak but can’t even do any of those things. Although she can ‘‘order out’’ the steak, and have it delivered to her house, at 80 years old she’s too scare to take any chances.

I am so sorry for your loss but I’m glad your mother left behind such priceless memories (I love the old time pics more than all this modernized gadgets). I also saved my pictures in those gadgets ( correction: my kids did it for me I don’t know how) But I have two huge hampers full of old time pictures as far as the 1950’s (my mom and dad on their 1950’s car) and my grandparents in their farm. Such priceless and beautiful memories those pictures are.

Thank you, be safe and your love ones.


With all of this spare time, now would be a good time to Marie-Kondo your digital life.

Check your privacy settings on the devices/apps/services you use.
Update your software and check for viruses on your devices.
Change your password if you haven’t done so in years.
Consider deleting your accounts on places you won’t be using again.

The less places have your private information, the less likely you are for them to be leaked. :heart_eyes:


good idea esp. the passwords


Wow, pomegranate and mango! I have a pomegranate tree outside, but I didn’t propagate it–I only planted it and watered it. I’ve tried growing some from seed, but I wasn’t successful. Ah well, I have plenty of time to try again. Yesterday, I went with my family to buy some seeds so I’ll get started on some gardening. I’m excited to plant cayenne peppers and jalapenos!

I germinated apr. 10-14 pomegranate seeds but only one survived. The rest died due to…I don’t know, they were like 4-5cm tall and their stem started to dry out though I watered them properly.
But my mango trees have a funnier story. My first seed grew very vell and fast. It was already 15cm and had 4 little leaf, then one day one of my younger brother cut off its top…not because of grudge or anything like that, they are young (7, 9 and 12 years old) so they do things like this because it’s… funny for them. So the first one died. Then I germinated a second one and accidentaly broke its young root so…yeah, this one also died. :joy: So there is a third one which is growing well and I’m extremely careful with it. And yesterday I started to germinate strawberry seeds, hope it will goes well.