Ok I know we are soooo bored


I grew apple seeds, they were already sprouted in apples not just one apple many of them, I think it was pink lady or crispy something I planted them after in garden but when I couldn’t mow my backyard and ordered a service they razed it including my horseradish… It wasn’t in the garden bed so my fault. Then I grew about 5 plants from lemon seeds, 3 of them were just straight stalk they didn’t branch out the others did and I had one blossom after 4 years… then I gave them away cos I sold the house… but they did get thorns, I read somewhere they are supposed to be cut (the thorns) then I tried to grow avocado from seed, it was a fail.

Now I saw a YT video how to grow onions from the root ending cut and placed in water to start roots and then transplant. I want to grow ginger also, I did once but didn’t leave it there very long. and yeah horse radish works well too.

I bought a lemon tree last year, it blossoms all year I got 4 lemons, still green one or two from last year, will it ever get yellow? All I know it needs to be repotted. Gardening is so much fun… I miss my garden bed with herbs and “Egyptian walking onion” google it :smile: At last a seed sprouted in my yard from my neighbor, a blue spruce tree, I transplanted it 3 times it grew 5 feet tall so pretty and the new owner just chopped it up, a transfer would have been so easy :cry:


Was the lemon tree grafted? If it was grown from a seed and never grafted, it will probably never produce proper fruits. They will be small, remain green etc. Or the soil lacks in some important minerals.


the one from seed wasn’t grafted, only the store bought one (I assume), perhaps badly grafted the one with green lemons. I saw other lemon tree in store beginning March, it was full of lemons and I just couldn’t decide I thought I get it later, yeah the following week they closed the stores! There goes my lemon tree… I fertilized it last year… but roots have no space so it really needs more soil… that’s likely the issue… but blooms smell like jasmine :heart_eyes:


My mother sewed all her life. She made all the wedding gowns and bridesmaids gowns for herself and her 4 sisters and all of her children’s clothing…even school uniforms. She made all the beautiful vestments for the priests at church. (I had the most gorgeous Barbie dresses from the scraps!) Even up to when she passed last year at 93 and was in assisted living, she never let go of her sewing machine and cabinet. So, when I inherited all her stuff I had to go through hers as well as mine and do some deep downsizing. I ended up with a bag of nice cotton yardage. Now that I have some time, I went online to find some ideas to use it, I saw all the videos of people making face masks for hospitals, nursing homes, etc.–some simple, some complicated, some use microfilter vacuum bags for linings. I found out people have already been donating to the local hospital, so I’m going to make a bunch for the people at our supermarket…the have a lot of older people working there.


Some JoAnns stores in the US are giving out free DIY mask kits. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to drive by the store and pick one up, but I think that it’s a great idea to donate them :slight_smile:


check pinterest for patterns, google it

oh yeah, started playing some games,l I am not a game player, mahjong I do like, there’s a few more, yep soooo bored. even my hobbies don’t keep me occupied.
well y’all stay safe, take care.


Well you don’t have to be so bored, start something new :wink:

Have fun trying one or another thing with orange peel, there are even more YT videos. I did a orange/grapefruit peels-vinegar for cleaning, I also ground the peel for peeling or mixing in soaps. And yeah the candle thingy works, but gotta try it with a cheaper oil, olive oil is expensive. - Adding dry orange peels pieces to your tea is really warming :wink:

Another thing you can do with bananas (besides a tasty banana bread :heart_eyes:) is using peels as a fertilizer. There are more banana peel tricks on YT! You can put cut dry peels in a coffee grinder, just like the orange peels :wink:

And at last I posted it under Corona thread as well, it is never too late to start a Master Tonic or also called Fire Cider. It is most recommended to make it on Full Moon because of the strong energy :wink: I use it as my salad dressing, this time I have not strained it because I wanted the potent veggies as well because of Corona. So far Master Tonic has helped me to shield of any flu or bad colds, so this tonic is my flu shot all year round. You can leave hot peppers out if you’re allergic. Cheers! (the tonic is not a fermentation but an extraction, if making large quantity wear gloves and even googles if you process it, if you want to strain it, you can dry/dehydrate the veggies and grind them in a coffee grinder be careful of the dust, put it in a spice container and use where ever, you’ll see it is still spicy and potent :joy:)


oh yeah, add cinnamon or other spices.
I have gotten more involved with my crafts, genealogy its the tops right now, then crochet, sewing, and gardening. so yeah I really am staying occupied at the moment, course cant forget binge-watching!


. oh yeah doing some experimenting, ever hear hydrophonic gardening? that’s what I am doing, can’t believe the results in a few weeks!


Yes I did, many years ago when I volunteered at a local herbs and garden day they were selling these hydroponic towers, a slightly different than in pic, it’s at least 5 or 6 years ago, I was stunned that it just needs water and food. This will be our future for certain food. I saw a video of making a system out of a plastic bin with a cover and pvc pipes. Another was simply with mason jars if you have just a half dozen. Since our stores are closed you’d need to shop online plus shipping fee and delivery likely 10 days or longer.
This would make interesting gardening without pest!

I can’t find the video I watched recently with the Kratky Method and mason jars.
Anyway good luck with that project, what are you trying to grow?


I have the same thoughts from mostly everyone here. I am an introvert and mostly stayed at home during weekends and after work so nothing changed much. Except I am rewatching a lot of old kdramas because I am still waiting new episodes of memorist and hi bye mama. I only go out to do grocery shopping even before and sometimes play mahjong with my neighbors but since the quarantine, I stayed home most of the time. I am also doing cross stich now and cleaning my apartment. I love driving to different places here in Maine too during weekends to relieve my stress but I haven’t done that since COVID started to spread here.


So does this mean it could also be done inside someone’s home?


@mirjam_465 yes, but it depends on some factors. First is you need light either a sunny side or lamps if indoor. Seconds you need some material and the food. For a small quantity it doesn’t require a pump and a bucket, for that you need to be a bit crafty need tools and material (which you can’t likely buy in stores). Also the food for hydroponics could be a bit of a science since it has with the right pH to do, so need to research if I’m not wrong.

Do look up the Kratky method on YT there are so many, the one I liked I cannot find anymore, I searched all night yesterday. However, if you look at some with the mason jars there are two ways, 1 with germinating the other just growing seedlings. You will either be very crafty and find at home some things to replicate or order online those baskets and the pellets and you need the liquid food or make at home (also on YT) it will probably take some time trials and error but either way something will grow :wink: or perhaps there is even an easier way I haven’t looked at, ask @frustratedwriter :wink:

I’m not sure it is ideal for root vegetable but all kind of greens, herbs and probably tomatoes it should work… look on YT that you can start germinate seed from food you buy, how good it works I have not tested, except for apple and lemon and pumpkin.

You can spend days in searching on YT as there are many instructional videos and whether it really works it could depend on many factors. Good luck experimenting, you can also just start with germinating lentils in a mason jar, I love those sprouts in salads. It’s easy and they last some days in fridge, just like other sprouting seeds for micro greens. Usually healthfood stores have them or online. If using mason jars they need to be wrapped with something dark! If not using basket you can use sort of a foam to hold the seedling or like the pipe wrapper/insulation of foam that are cut on one side.


I use small containers add water, plants, change water every other day, I have kolrobie, the bottom, I cut off & put in water, and grew like anything, just planted it the other day.

onions just to start, and they are coming up nicely, I will plant these later. just experimenting… I will check the hydrophonics link for beginners later. want to do more of this the one

I was watching was about herbs, and thought it would be neat just yop tru , mint was it, and it is growing, not doing anything special to it,

the lady said change the water every couple of days. then when its large enough just transplant to garden or containers. even flower seeds too can do this. yes YT is my “teacher” start small,

oh if you don’t have seeds, try going to the store, 1. tomato 2 garlic 3cucumber, you in Asia, try your bitter gourd, and other stuff.



simi11, root veggie, kolrobie, growing like crazy, some of the rest, not coming up as of yet. going toi try some more later


I’ve been exercising, eating healthy, getting on YouTube, doing school work, and such on. I’m am keeping busy.
I do get bored sometimes. :slight_smile:


What with the April storm where I live, some of the plants in the pots have started sprouting: my sister’s rainbow carrots, my container bok choi, and a pot of assorted flowers. I also have one kumquat seed that germinated! Yay!

I just started doing some tai chi exercises because my joints pop very often throughout the day. Sitting doesn’t help either, so I figured I might as well make use of my time and learn something beneficial.



because my joints pop very often throughout the day

Thank you for making me laugh I needed that so bad today. I know those popping joints can be painful too, I hope yours don’t hurt. I’m looking into exercising too but lately I feel so tired and sleepy.


:laughing::laughing: I’m glad to have made you laugh, we all need some mirth to loosen up.

Once, while I was in class, the teacher asked a question, and in my eagerness, I shot my hand up. However, as I did so, a loud ‘pop’ sounded, and the guys sitting around me heard it. We all looked at each other and started laughing. Rather embarrassing but funny, too :joy:

I hope you can get some good sleep and rest!


lol in the silence of a classroom and the ‘‘pop’’ I can imagine how much they laughed. I remember my college days when in the silence of our quiz/ test, I heard what sounded like a balloon letting the air out, and a little trumpet sound was heard so clearly, and as much as we didn’t want to laugh so the person didn’t feel bad, once we heard one person laugh the rest of us exploded in laughter. I miss those days of heartfelt laughter…: :slight_smile: