Ok I know we are soooo bored


tichi & yoga, so good so good! and I haven’t done them. they can relax a person so well. me getting on the floor and trying tto get back up thats another thing for me!


@angelight313_168 :rofl::rofl::smile::smile: did the person laugh along too?

@frustratedwriter I haven’t done yoga, maybe once this is over, I can take some classes. My doctor recommended that I do some yoga, but I never got around to signing up.
When I was doing the exercises, I didn’t realize that my legs were so weak. I usually takes walks with my dog, but for the past several days, the weather has been rainy and cold and windy, so I haven’t had a chance to strengthen the leg muscles. However, I enjoy the stretches the most.


Mary, maybe you should try to look up Taichi Qigong 18 movements. I did that a few years ago. It does not require going down to the floor. It is gentle to your body but good for your joints and muscles, if like every other thing you do it regularly.


YouTube is full of yoga lessons. You could always start there. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll try that :slight_smile:


lol Of course the little trumpet blower laughed. What choice they had since the one laughing the hardest, was the one seating next to them, and that gave it away. Thank goodness College ‘‘classroom’’ are not small like in High School.


That depends on what you studie. I experienced some large collegerooms back in the days, but most of them were relatively small and on one of my courses it was just me and the teacher.
Of course, in the last case, there’s no chance of a laughing audience either. :wink:


Yes I loved to do yoga many years ago, just stopped is all. yeah, I think UI will do the youtube ones, really need to do something. so enjoy the rest of your day today!





This is my avocado quarantine seed :avocado:
I didn’t want to use toothpicks and here it is!
It’s still too soon for anything to come out.

Do you have some pics of your crochet work?
What is your genealogy research by the way?


Maybe I’m still in Easter spirit, but at first sight I thought it was an egg! :rofl:


:hatching_chick: LOL let’s wait for the bird to hatch!

Chocolate… :drooling_face:
Every day, eating some :chocolate_bar:
Dark chocolate is the best. White chocolate is yummy. Milk chocolate is sweet!

Hope you could treat yourself with some chocolate during this time.


Haha, wouldn’t that be nice? :swan:

Ah, chocolate … in this time of not going to the supermarket more often than necessary and being very picky on the things I buy, I still make sure to at least have some kind of chocolate in stock.
Dark and white are on a shared first spot in my chocolate top 2! :slight_smile:


@mirjam_465 @piranna
I am currently favoring ruby chocolate. Or 60% chocolate, I do like milk chocolate but I will eat 100g in less than 10 minutes in these times. So less is more for me, as I need to stay healthy, but I couldn’t pass the nougat-eggs on Easter.


I recently discovered that too. And green chocolate …

Well, dark chocolate might also help if you have trouble sleeping. It’s a great source of melatonin.


@mirjam_465 I have no trouble sleeping, I am so exhausted these days, I need to turn out the light before I lay down, the minute my head touches the pillow zzzzzzZZZZZZZZzZzzzzz I could easily sleep for 8 hrs but barely get 5-6 hrs.
When chocolatiers started with herbs in chocolate I was a maniac for white chocolate with dill. I just loved it but that is at least 10 years or longer ago.


O, wow, has it always been that way? Guess no reading in bed for you, then.

White chocolate with dill? I never came across that. There are some interesting kinds of chocolate here nowadays, though, like white chocolate with blood orange and pumpkin seeds, milk chocolate with “stroopwafel” taste, dark chocolate with ginger and lime, milk chocolate with yuzu and seaweed, dark chocolate with strawberry and balsamico, dark with wasabi and soy beans, dark with szechuan pepper and rice crisps, and many more …



Lol thought you were talking about Hogwarts’ new lines of chocolate :joy:

Let’s try them all! Have you tried some of them already?


Haha, no, it was a different brand. Actually, I’m not even sure Hogwarts is available here, though I have heard of it.


What do I do beside watching drama on Viki or NetFllix I play my violin, read a book, and I also play my Sims 2 game. And I eat and eat :hamburger: and eat and sleep :sleeping: :rofl: what else beside repeating the same thing the next day I also exercise run for 30 min.