Ok I know we are soooo bored


Je traduit en français des poésies coréennes vues dans les dramas, puis je les lis sur les images du drama correspondant et je poste le tout sur youTube.

I translate Korean poems seen in dramas into French, then I read them on the images of the corresponding drama and I post everything on youTube.


ok, nurses & doctors far & wide, here ya go!! these are ailments from the 1600-1700’s

p/s this was for deaths


Nice! Good to see other peoples projects come to fruition.

It motivates me to finish the 7-8 unfinished projects I have, my half painted headless/armless model kits, unsightly 3/4 laminate flooring in the bathroom, 9/10th tiled walls in bathroom and the kitchen. (the remaining bits that require cutting and shaping tiles or laminates)
My half built CNC machine that was meant to help me in fabricating things!
The list goes on… and I’ve already got 3 other ideas I want to start on! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Looks wonderful and cozy :smile:


:rofl: Yea. Little pipsqueak. all bark leaving teeny tiny toothmarks on my calves. :rofl:

Me? I am 5’10" . When people would not leave me alone. I would just look at them and in a very quiet voice, notify them of their impending doom.

It must work because all my siblings and the neighborhood kids scattered when I did that. :rofl:

(Reminds me of that Liam Neeson bit.) :rofl:
“I will find you.”



I think this must be the very best post you’ve written so far, and the very best I’ve read in the past weeks. Thank you.


Thank you! It really is :smiley: It’s so warm that I don’t need to wear a coat with it like I would with other sweaters


There’s something so fun about starting a project, but finishing it takes more willpower, I’ve found :sweat_smile: I still have to finish some crochet toys, but I’m taking a break from crochet after making the sweater. Instead, I’m working on a cross stitching project. Ah, sometimes it feels like my list of almost-completed Kdramas! Maybe I don’t like finishing them (is there an ingrained fear of a bad ending? I don’t know).


uh. I think she’s talking about me! :rofl: I have so many projects to keep me occupied that I will never be bored! and now that I am retired I actually have TIME!


so true, I got 4 at least and just don’t have the motivation to finish them


I have the motivation but trying to do needlework at the same time you are reading subtitles is an exercise in poor eye health. (walleyes) :rofl: WHICH is why I am learning Korean!

(Note that she does not say to watch LESS kdramas, just learn Korean so one does not have to read subtitles any longer!) :laughing::sunglasses: Therefore, I am MOTIVATED to learn Korean so I don’t have to read subtitles! And it’s working! I am not fluent but I kinda know what people are talking about even if I can’t give the exact translation (Fire me at the UN!) mm… I can pick out the ‘base’ word units but the finer grammar points I haven’t mastered yet. Give me another year. (That’s as long as I study and don’t hang out here :grin:)

I study every day at least a little and often for a few hours. But mostly, I listen to conversational YouTube stuff along with the kdramas and KPOP.


Such pretty colors!


Thank you! But I just tried to replicate the original sweater, I didn’t come up with the color scheme myself. I’m not that creative :grin: While working on the sweater, I kept thinking about why the designer chose the colors that he/she did, and why they were arranged in that particular order. I came to the conclusion that the colors and their arrangement remind me of a sunset, so in my mind, the sweater is “The Sunset Sweater.” It’s also easier to say “The Sunset Sweater” instead of “the Sweater from the Kdrama I’m Sorry, I Love You.” :smiley:


thank you!




Here you go. Fly around town. :sunglasses:



Cute! (Makes me wonder if they painted little ol kitty.)

Ok, I raise you one dog …

and a taco


I think I would too!!