Ok I know we are soooo bored


don’t think i have seen this before

Comparison between NX and Viki subs

I’m going to give free French classes for Intermediate levels just for fun :smile: I’m so excited!
I hope there will be students and it will be all right since it will be my first time :smiley:

I have to look for resources for French learners!


this will get you out of your boredom!!


lol I wonder if the missionaries would go to that house. :rofl:


For any sewers and Kpop lovers out there that would like to combine their love for both, I thought this might be something fun to do. The girl making the doll has made so many other dolls from animes and Kpop groups. I made a little keychain doll (without the keychain) from one of her patterns using regular craft felt. Once I get the higher quality soft fabric, I want to make dolls of my favorite anime characters and Kpop group members. Now that I think about it, if I made dolls of my friends and gifted the dolls to them on their birthdays, would that be a good prank, or would that just be creepy? :joy:


and why would you think they are creepy. hmmm guess some would think that, I think its cute!! now if it had those evil eyes and that open mouth , maybe weird


yeah, well hot air balloon maybe ?



I think they are adorable, it’s just that I don’t know how my friends would react if I made dolls of them. I wonder how I would react if someone made a doll of me :thinking:


now hows that for a six pack


here ya go, I am sure this will help


image more to color



yes if only they would


Top picture is how brother-in-law explains things to the missus, bottom picture is how I explain things apparently, especially anything technical, electronics or computing.
And to think that good communication is the foundation to a strong marriage, which surprises me then that we’re still together when I probably sound like the adults in the Peanuts cartoons most of the times “wa -wah - woor - woor -woor” :laughing::rofl:


My mom would have all of us kids and gramma out for a ride to the countryside. Of course, the car would break down. She’d call my dad to come fetch us.

“We were going to Cotati but instead went to Tomales, but we are halfway to Cotati. You know where that big tree was before they cut it down? That divided the highway? Well don’t turn there. Go further and turn left after that big barn…” :laughing: (With my mom, you had to KNOW the place for the last 100 years or so.)

My dad would grumble, “For Christ’s sake lady! Give me an address!”

Makes me wonder how they ever got together… :grin:

After they got married my mom served dinner, My dad looked at it suspiciously and said, “Why are you giving me rice. It’s not breakfast”
“What breakfast? That’s dinner.” My mom responded, puzzled.
“Rice pudding is for breakfast.”
“Breakfast? Rice pudding? That is steamed rice for dinner.”
“Rice for dinner?”

Yea, dad was a meat and potatoes guy and mom was a rice girl. Dad was a rational type of guy and mom was ‘unique’. :laughing:


Ha, Ha, love it. Those little eccentricities certainly makes for an interesting family dynamics.



well heres one I just didn’t know where to put it




“Fire rainbows” are a rare phenomenon that only occur when the sun is higher than 58° above the horizon and its light passes through cirrus clouds made of ice crystals. At the right alignment, the crystals act as a prism, and refracts the light to look like a rainbow. A Divine Creator’s masterpiece but you are His greatest masterpiece of all.

y’all have a great day!!


wow evcer see one of these? a dragon mantis