Ok I know we are soooo bored


#2 try this one!






Find the nail


But it’s stuck on the wrench! However can we use it?


if you can get it off, sure!


I’ve been watching this chef magic, I’m impressed:

Asian version XD


I am also bored so I am occupying my time by shopping online and found this nice little store a few days ago on which I found a wonderful hat:
I will put pictures below


That’s funny, yesterday I saw a video of his, where his son shows him tiktok food trends and he was utterly horrified :rofl:


We watched the same thing yesterday XD


Oh! I just love DAD! So cute! Thank you!


maybe this will lighten y’all up gotta find that hummingbird feeder!


OMG! LOVE IT! :rofl: :grin: :heart_eyes: :laughing: :sunglasses: :rofl:

Hey! Now you know how to get curly eyelashes! :sunglasses:



today is Monday, we are almost out of March. so thought I would put something hee that would liven you up a bit, have a great day!!

fine the one thats different





Realm of the Witch
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Just wow! This is a breed called “Akhal-Teke”, from Turkmenistan. It is a very old breed and known for its metallic sheen. The sheen is a result of the opaque core of the hair being narrower or even absent, allowing the light to shine through the hair - except it refracts it a little to give that shimmery golden look.They come in many colours. This one is called “Cremelo”😍

I asked them where was the horn!


How cool! Never knew they existed :smile:


me neither!

I got this from Pinterest, thought it interesting.