Ok I know we are soooo bored



My first class was last Friday, it was wow!
I’ve never taught anything to a class, but it felt new and great.
I respected teachers before, but now I respect them even more, because at the beginning, you don’t know what to prepare, then preparing materials takes a lot of time and explaining things in a simple manner to people who might not understand your language is… haaard! Plus questions you can’t foresee or questions you don’t know how to answer…
One said I spoke too fast, ooops!

My students all sound like they are older than me!
I was K.O. after class, but I liked this new experience, I hope they can see me differently, not like in a teacher / students relationship that kinda feels distant to me.

I think the best award for a teacher is seeing a student improving.


you can be friends, BUT be sure you create a line, teacher/student. yeah be that friend they may need. and with you speaking too fast just slow down a bit. maybe they didn’t understand what you were saying. go for it girl!! lots of luck there. oh! ages of students??



this is exactly what I needed this morning

dis•may dĭs-mā′

  • transitive verb

To cause to lose enthusiasm or resolution; disillusion or discourage: synonym : discourage .

  • transitive verb

To upset or distress.

  • n.

A sudden or complete loss of courage in the face of trouble or danger.

so thats it loss of courage, wanting to give up, whats the use? etc etc etcf so need to pick myself up, dust myself off, keep going, and practice what I preach !!! hehehehehe


What do you mean by that line? You mean not falling in love with a student?!

Yeah, that’s what I asked! But I don’t know if they were shy or polite not to tell me honestly! That is difficult to read between lines or tell if that was okay for them or they needed more this or that.

Mmm, I didn’t ask for their age, that might be too much personal and it might not go well with the rules chat, but they sound like 40 yo or more.
So I have to find something that will interest them, that could be hard when you are not from the same generation and after 1 class. I tried to ask them what they’d like, but they didn’t tell me anything, how am I supposed to know… :sob:


no I didn’t mean the falling in love thing, you can be friends with them, but shouldn’t be anymore than that.


How can I control love feelings?
Thank you a lot for your kind advice :heart:


that is one you would have to work on and by yourself. that one I am sure isn’t easy


something weird!


there ios one different, can you find it


heres your hug for the day!



First time I see these animals hugging! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


You don’t scare me!


GLORIOUS! :sweat_smile:



.where is the zebra??

y’all have a great/blessed day


are you getting tired of seeing this stuff I put on here? I will stop if so


No, keep going :smile:


ok heres another one that I thought y’all may be interested in, being that we are bored.