Ok I know we are soooo bored



I have. No idea what they are called in English, but it’s painful! Especially if you step on it full force :sob:
And after you have to get them out one by one… :sob:


they are called sand spurs. and yes they hurt like the dickens…






:heart: Love it!



was easy, just look for the eye :slight_smile:


simi11 yep, thats it!

ok here s one, and got me to thinking how we spread a “little sunshine” to others??
I thought this was neat.




If you can understand this, share this to your page :rofl:


If you can understand this share to your page, hehehehehehe I thought its funny is all


heres another one to consider for you


maybe this will lighten y’all up a bit


heres another one fot writers buffs, write something

looks like a story in the making!! enchanting,fairies? maybe something menacing, see dead people

the night was dark, and I had to take the shortcut through the small patch of woods. my imagination working overtime, I see things behind every tree, hear strange, odd noises. something is behind me, I turn to look, I see the little fairy. But not sure it saw me, so I turned around ad started walking a bit faster. uhoh whats behind that tree? its moving closer to me, I will try to ignore it. but no, it is staring me in the face, how can I get away? l,ike it appeared, it disappeared… thats it for today


600 yr. old Juniper tree

a witches dream

the witching hour
a juniper tree, still alive after 600 years, the history that it thrived through wonder what it could tell us…

artic sunset



its so pretty :relaxed: