Ok I know we are soooo bored


well gotta do something


lets plant a garden!! pay attention


Thank you!! I like the color scheme so much that I’m making a cardigan with the same colors :smiley:


you are welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and dont forget to post that one :grinning: :hugs:




That would almost be me, I don’t have ice cream unless it’s hot, but I do have a fruit or berries with white yogurt or piece of cake… it’s really hard! Yogurt has probiotics so that’s good and berries actually do not contain much sugar but cakes likely do…


Love that one!!


ok here ya go;

oh good grief!!


ok guess no one is bored now, so thought I would put this one on anyway


I am bored - experiencing my first real drama slump since finding this ‘drama’ world 2 years ago, so I finally joined the discussion boards to pass some time. Also, I was raised like the above.


well share how about it, I also am bored!!!


I’m not Bored - Just all my friends that get me live on drama discussion boards!

Life Thru the Haze


, now we are talking! yes my friends live in my computer!!


The internet is both the best and worst invention for an introvert with social anxiety like myself.


I’m an EXTREME Extrovert - Girl - We need to hang out - All my friends are Introverts believe it or not


I have been looking through a bunch of your stuff - collections, reviews, etc., and I have come to the conclusion that we are the same person, but apparently one introverted version and one extroverted version. :rofl:


@my_happy_place I also am an introvert, BUT I love being with people, meeting people
we have to have that one person (extrovert) to keep us going!! @kdrama2020ali that is so fun!! the names that is…


So very true, but I don’t have any extroverts in my life right now. We moved to a new city at the end of last year, so with that and Covid, I have not made any new friends where I am now. Meeting new people is super hard for me, but I do love being in a group if they are people I already know.


It’s me!!! lol


I got a lot of stuff to do today, crocheting mainly, but I gotta get back to doing genealogy