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I’m sorry but that’s way too cute :blush: you totally made my day :hugs:


There’s also fish that walk on land, Snakehead Fish. You can find articles about it but here’s a picture.



Thanks @leerla73 The guy is so funny, the dance he did at the end :rofl:
I changed shoes since many years I had once plantar fasciitis that was sooo painful, I went for physical therapy with laser and it went away and changed shoes, I need soft flexible inner sole, can’t have anything hard, the brand sketchers so far are very comfy.

But recently my bones in the area of big toe and hallux are at times hurting and I feel bones are shifting and I wear that silicone spacer and that helps… This is all the beauty of aging of overused body parts :rofl:

But the hips need a keeping an eye too. I went to special physical workout for the hips/back, so I know the exercise, don’t need any machines…

Besides the Swiss Ball is also very good…


I usually watch those two physical therapists on youtube. they put out some awesome exercises for the hips, they sure helped me the past few days, Bob & Brad the physical therapists on the internet.

my hips were hurting me so bad these past few weeks, almost to the point of crying, the pain was terrible! but has of now had tapered off. I guess its due to the weather too. I did try to go see the doctor, but got there too late, its of three things, Fibromyalgia, bursitis, arthritis, Just don’t want to take pain meds all the time!! or God forbid hip replacement, BVut way those guys said, its the muscle not the bone, so exercising has done it for me


Yes! [是的!(Shi de!)] :blush: [ 응! (Eun!)] he is, and he gives such practical ways to keep muscles, and even revive muscles.

I’ve seen the ball appear on channels I watch, but never knew the size matters. In this video, she gives the size ball for one’s height. Very useful share simi11! :wink::blush:

I so agree! We rush to do surgery. It takes time for muscles to atrophy, along the lines of gaining body fat. So it makes sense, it would take time to revive, and rebuild muscles to full function. The same it would, take time, for getting rid of unwanted body fat.


That’s painful, I had that once and after xray they found out I had a calcified bone in my shoulder and hat to go for therapy with electro impulse and vinegar patches that would break down the calcification and then rubber bands to exercise. I never had any issues with it again.

And yes, cold rainy weather could possibly also trigger ailments. Try to put some warming pads where pain is. I use my cherry pits pillows and warm them in microwave for 1-2 minutes, depending on size and the capacity of micro. You could also just use the hot water bottle (rubber). And there is also Tiger Balm(patches) that can help with pain a bit, even Walmart carries those or any pharmacy; hmmm it got expensive :frowning:


I have similarly used a sock filled with rice, warmed in the microwave. These are very malleable for use in different locations.


So true!

I did some pillows with rice and lavender… and I had once a broken cherry pit pillow and I put those pits in a big sock, lol… so many things one can use :sweat_smile::rofl: Warmth it’s really comforting. I use them now in my bed to warm feet… What would I do without them :cold_sweat:

I barely use a microwave but need it to warm the pillows… I had a pretty red small one from Walmart for 35… I’m sure they cost now more…


What a great use! I’ve never thought of that.


well this was warm a few months ago

Blackfeet Country In Montana, USA!!!