Ok the crisis almost over?

here is some things to consider for helping you get out of your"slump"

come on, lets have a bit of fun with this!!

  1. A list of places you’d love to visit Korea, China, Japan, “Atlantis”

  2. A list of people you can connect with/spend time with over the next six months

  3. A list of memories that make you smile from the last 12 months

  4. A list of values you want to embody (and a list of ways you’re already embodying them).

Get your free workbook for this here.

  1. A list of lovely feedback you’ve received recently, personal or professional
    some of you people right here on Viki! and Thank you!!

  2. A list of things to do for artist dates

  3. A list of books you’d like to read

  4. A list of films and TV programmes you’d like to watch

  5. A list of movies you loved when you were a child

  6. A list of things you feel proud of

  7. A list of people you’ve made a difference to, however small

  8. A list of skills you’d like to learn

  9. A list of 30-day challenges you’d like to try

  10. A list of recipes you’d like to experiment with

  11. A list of gifts to give other people

  12. A list of gifts to give yourself

  13. A list of feel-good music (why not create a Spotify playlist?)

  14. A list of things to look forward to (can’t think of anything? Then write down a list of potential ideas)

  15. A list of self-care ideas

  16. A list of the ingredients (qualities, values, beliefs) that make you you



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Oh yes, I’d love to visit your home in Atlantis! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::joy: Especially around Christmas time when the cookies are all ready!


We can eat them while they’re still warm. :blush:


I made hotel reservations for Jeju Island and Seoul for this October.:blush:


ok “kids” come on over for milk & cookies!! Atlantis style at that. heheheheheheh, another place I’d like to go is that jeju island.


Ooh that sounds so nice! Hope you have a nice trip! :heart_eyes:
My best friend and I keep encouraging each other to study harder so we’ll get good jobs and be able to afford a trip to SK together :see_no_evil:



Jeju Island will be warm during October? Is definitely a gorgeous place since I’ve seen dramas that filmed there. It must be so expensive.


I visited Jeju Island in June of 2018 with my kids. It was still rather chilly then. This time I am taking my parents there. I think this might be their last “big trip” since my dad’s 86 years old and my mom will be 81 in November. I am hoping that it’s not going to be too cold yet in mid-October. Fall is beautiful in Korea, with all the leaves turning colors.:blush: Compared to Hawaii, I think Jeju Island is still not that expensive and it is much cleaner and not as congested for sure.


God bless them and you too for making that possible for them. I’m so glad they’ll get to enjoy a trip after all this lockdown. My trip is on hold until fall because 1 of my granddaughter is not vaccinated and my daughter doesn’t want to risk anything, so it will also be planned by October to a different destination of course (by then my granddaughter will be able to get the vaccine).

I do get to see my grandkids through FACETIME so is not that bad. Is funny you mentioned JeJu Island is cleaner than Hawaii bc my niece went to Hawaii and she said the beach where she went to, was so dirty she stood on some rocks bc she felt it was too dirty. In our Island the water are bright blue and green and she said in Hawaii it wasn’t like that (she went 1 year before the pandemic hit so we can’t blame it on that). Now the summer will feel so looong. lol


Your island sounds so inviting! Fortunately, all my family members are now vaccinated so we are looking forward to traveling again.:blush: My parents can’t walk very well so I can’t take them on scenic tours but there are enough things to do (and eat :wink:) at or near the hotels we will be staying so it should be a nice trip.


today I went for a walk with my son in one of our state parks, that was so enjoyable, and before it got too hot!


Well…I’ve had one knee replaced and if I recover well enough, I’d like to go home and walk through the redwood forest again. :slight_smile:. The beautiful light filtering down … Liquid green light… :innocent:. The fragrance on warm days… Madrone… Bay…,… Idaho is so dry… The forest here has very little fragrance. and teh sage only smells good on hot summer days after a rain.

When I’m in San francisco, I’ll go visit the Japanese trade center and get a delicious and Very addictive uji mochi freeze! Lol And a Fresh seafood stew of some kind. and visit the ocean again.

At least Pocatello has some good sushi places… A new one opened a few months ago… Favorite is the unagi bowl :grin:. Those slithery eels are darned tasty! :grin: Oh! And they also have Tako - octopus YUM!.


I’m so jealous :wink: I can only taste my loose green tea from Jeju-do island I bought in Prague, it has a light green and a bit grassy taste and when I close my eyes I feel a tiny bit close to Jeju / Korea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: On the label it says organic Korea Fop Woojeon KOD 4137, spring harvest.
Have a wonderful trip with your parents :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you! Korea still has the 14-day mandatory quarantine requirement for all visitors, including those who are fully vaccinated, so I am hoping that the requirement will be lifted soon. Just in case, I made reservations only at the hotels that allow cancellations up to 48 hours prior to the stay. I will just have to keep my fingers crossed.:crossed_fingers:


Great! Upload some pictures here if you can^^ :blush:
Aah my house in my own hometown is just a ten-minute walk from the beach…it’s not any special color, but I’ve spent hours walking on the unending coast and plaing around with my cousins. Hate the way it’s slowly crowding up, but I still miss it anyway…

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ok I am just putting a link on here, theres too many pictures so enjoy

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I am sure there are some more awesome pictures to share

I remember that my grandmother’s house in Masan, in southern part of Korea, was right by the sea. The neighborhood men would sometimes go out to fish early in the morning and all the neighbors would gather together to have fresh sashimi for breakfast. Of course this was before the area got developed. Sadly, I hear that now the area is always crowded with tourists.