Ok we are well versed in what k-dramas taught us, so what about Chinese and other dramas?

I hope that title isn’t too long! anyway, what has the Cdramas, Jdramas, tdramas, and the other countries teach us, in their dramas, that is. have fun!

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@gatalito_114 you’ve been officially invited!

Late-blooming females. At age 30+, they still behave like 5-year olds. Including the voice. But men secretly find this adorable (Ugh!)


I think I got one, too.

Stumbling and falling into the arms of your love interest is fundamental for any relationship to develop. Of course, it’s like planting a seed, so it takes a long time from the moment of being caught to getting into a relationship, but it does set the stage. This effect is magnified by anybody walking in on that scene, the more people the better.
Of course, this is embarrassing to you as it implies that you cannot walk well, which runs you at risk of being an outcast in society. After all, who wants to be associated with someone who can’t walk?
So, it’s a double edged sword; one that a lot of Chinese women bravely take as love is more important to them than how they’re perceived.

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Just out of curiosity, what drama(s) are you referring to?

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I’ve only watched a handful (fully or in part, mostly dropped), and the female lead was like that in almost all of them.
The ones that I saw from beginning to end:

My Mowgli Boy (although she was supposed to be a clever and capable, independent girl, she acted so immature that you wanted to slap her, and this went on for more than halfway)
Starry Night Starry Sea (Ugh! It didn’t help that her acting was very bad),
I cannot hug you (dropped after a couple of episodes)
My Robot Boyfriend ( I dropped it after ep.1, too cringe-worthy. She copied the acting in My Mowgli Boy - or was it the other way around?)
My Little Princess (cringe cringe. Same actress as I cannot hug you)

and I don’t remember the others. Some of them were historical fantasy but those were dropped like hot potatoes, just too ridiculous.

Oh, the exceptions (to be fair, I have to mention them).
Prodigy Healer (2019) I watched 25 out of 36 episodes because the story was too stupid, but yeah, the female lead was more or less acceptable. Very insecure and prone to misunderstandings thanks to the stupid writing, but otherwise not childish, no whiney-cutesy mannerisms. The evil female second lead wasn’t childish either, but then evil second leads usually aren’t.
A Love so Beautiful. It’s a school drama, yet the actors are not childish nor over the top. I thnk it’s the best Chinese drama I’ve watched until now.

Of course you find that sort of heroine a lot in k-drama as well. But in the past few years there’s less and less of it, they’re finally graduating from that demeaning depiction of womanhood.

P.S. For some reason “System” removed the quote of your post on top of my reply. I wonder why.

good calls y’all! esp the girls with the squeeky voices!!

Your initial comment was pointing out 30+ females acting like juveniles. I see this comment a lot, and majority of the time, people get confused with the actual age of the actors vs the roles that they are playing. Some folks even carry an image of how the actors should act into the drama regardless of the roles. I am not saying that it’s wrong, just a bit close-minded. Even if they are playing a successful role in society, that shouldn’t correlate with a person’s “matureness” in an absolute way. Donald Trump is a fine example. Again, there is no right or wrong to this - It all comes down to liking it or not.

I was waiting for this post :smiley:
I’ve only seen 15 Chinese dramas, since I am very selective about them. Why should I spend 50 hours watching a storyline with annoying characters that I don’t like? So, the ones that I watch are mostly historical with some sci fi stuff. Anyways, here goes.

Oh, the death! The death in historical Chinese dramas is unparalleled. Seems to be that the only way for the story to end is that everyone dies. (of course, I am generalizing here, but it’s a trend).

The lead in My Mowgli boy was definitely over 30, it was also commented on by others, as in “why isn’t she getting married yet” etc. But even if the character is 26 or 27, this kind of behaviour is inexcusable. Heck, my daughter at 16 was more mature than these child-women.


Here’s another one:

Watching one’s crush of several years is enough–there’s no need to confess if he/she wants to take the relationship further. Following them to their university, majoring in their field, just plain hovering around without confessing seems to be okay. The crush might even be a cold, unfeeling, and rather dense kind of guy or girl.

The man’s looks play an important part in making the girl fall in love with him and desire to marry him. I’ve seen this mostly in Chinese rom coms or even historical rom coms–Cinderella Chef, Unique Lady (aka Lascivious Lady). What about him? Does he want to have someone stuck to him just because of his looks? I don’t know…

KDrama: Graceful family.
Very realistic about the rich family. Even though they’re rich, it doesn’t mean they’re happy or ethical. And, an enemy of an enemy can be friends to gain benefits from each other .

K drama: Hotel Del Luna
Things are not seen with our own eyes and not explained well scientifically, but it does not mean those spiritual things are nonexistent. They do exist. It’s just that without human’s knowing. (so don’t offend the dead to get troubles or even karma)

Drama: 30 but 17
It’s never too late to try the best for your dream.

Drama: Strong Woman Do Bong soon
Women are not fragile but can be strong.

Drama: Devilish Joy
You can be a good person but the media can portray you as a bad person just because of some unjust cases or scandals.

Drama: SKY Castle
Perfect grades are meaningless without honesty and integrity. Soft skills are more important than those perfect grades.

Drama: 3 Lives 3 Worlds 10 Miles of Peach blossom
When someone does bad things, his or her retribution doesn’t come right away but takes time to come.

Drama: Clean with Passion
Childhood trauma can turn into a mental illness.

Drama: Search www.
Getting fired at a company but one can get hired without rewriting a resume and with networking. Networking is so powerful in job search.

Drama: Reply 1988
If you don’t confess to your crush eventually, someone else would. There is a Small chance that your crush loves or likes you.

Drama: Reply 1994
Don’t be embarrassed just because you’re a Kpop fan


now I liked that!!!

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Koreans love to feed each other! A chopstickful of food (usually meat) to make sure they are being healthy.

K drama, Chinese and Japanese dramas through viki site has created a world of fantasy and romance for many young and old, from all over the world. But I would love to see here at this site videos that help many to explore/learn about other important issues that are sometimes kept hidden from them, and can affect the life of our growing youth population.

I don’t know if viki site will ever touch other subjects besides its usual romantic love stories but if they ever decide to expand to other subjects/issues I feel these type of videos can open the eyes of our new generation that may never hear this kind of topics from their very conservative parents. This site has been the source of helping many with depression, dealing with so many different issues in general. Wouldn’t it be nice to expand to other subjects that can be a learning tool and protection to our young generation?

Gay and HIV Positive IN South Korea

13 hours of studying in SK


On that note: what other subjects you feel our youth need to know about and will benefit from seeing them here at Rviki site?

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Bulling and teachers not doing anything about it. Like, my goodness! I would like a drama that shows kids how to stand up for themselves, and shows the bullies that they don’t have to be caught in that destructive loop of bullying. A drama that criticizes the education system and provides a feasible solution. I know that there are recent dramas that touch on this topic, but I still think that something needs to be done to show the youngsters that being jerks and calling people names and judging unfairly is not a positive trait…

Also, child abuse, physically and emotionally. Maybe even the hidden sex-trade. That is a problem in the USA over here, but because it is hidden, it is not talked about like it should be–discussed with a feasible solution in mind. I’ve read news stories of women being sold in China and the Koreas…you know, boys also get exploited for that

And for another thing that Cdramas have taught me…

The students are the ones that clean up after school. This was a shocker to me because that job is usually reserved for the students who received after school detention when I was in elementary/middle/high school.

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angeligtht, that is a good one! human trafficking would be another to touch on too, exploiting kids too, I know our Asian friends don’t do this but what about senior abuse? (or are we mistaken?)
and yes a lot of what you said is hidden and its really a shame no one stands up and says or do something! I just heard about that this year about kids cleaning up, and not as a punishment. Interesting… there was a drama and guess it was a few years ago. and it was about women disappearing, the detectives’ friend was one, and she looked for her, make a long story short, found her friend and a bunch of other girls huddled together,in a room. I am stuck on TEN or the second part. and not thinking about (sorry, don’t recall the name at the moment) the little strong girl and girls in cages, anyway. the stories are gruesome I can imagine. as for child abuse, sheesh, these people need something done to them!! I better stop for the day or I will be getting on the proverbial soapbox.



Wonderful suggestion about the bullying and teachers not helping the students. Sadly, I couldn’t find a video about that subject so if you come across a video like that please post them here so they look into the idea of offering other videos here besides romantic/cooking/comedy shows etc…

Any videos you can find I hope you can add them here too. Thanks!

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I’ll start another thread to share the vids (:

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I found a lot of videos of children sex trafficking from Taiwan, Cambodia and Japan but I can’t even watch them without sobbing and getting depressed for days. I saw a drama on another site about a mother who goes through so much to rescue her daughter sold to sex trafficking it has a wonderful good ending so I was able to watch till the end.

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