Old, long posts in Team Discussion staying always on top of newer ones

Have you ever seen this in your projects?
A very long post from a -typically Spanish - moderator in Team Discussions, staying on top although it’s been weeks? And with the tag “Awaiting moderation”?

Follow the link for details; and if you would like to comment, please comment there, not here, so that Viki staff notices it. https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360003509888-Old-posts-in-Team-Discussion-showing-up-and-awaiting-moderation

So they don’t moderate properly anymore.

Kind of in relation of that people still vote up posts I made 3 or more years ago. Sometimes it’s a funny post or informative post but quite a lot of times it’s just posts that I segged a part or a cheer for the subbers. And sometimes one person upvoted 10 of those posts in a row… Quite scary that people seem to dig up posts or go to my profile to upvote a bunch after years.

These posts were not upvoted recently. And I also know that upvoting or replying to a post doesn’t make it go on top of the list.