Old school "girl" and Viki QC gift 2018

Thanks for the speed of problem solving here. I do not have a problem with Google Mail, it’s easier for me. good luck for everbody :relieved:

Nothing here too :smile: I’m also curious about the gift, last year’s gift (shirt) was so big I’m wearing a medium :sweat_smile: Hope to be better than before :heart_eyes:


I think we got the 2017(or 2016?) QC gift (the yesstyle coupons) in spring as well.

Last year’s gift though (the infamous Large T-shirts) had arrived sooner if I remember correctly, that’s why I asked.

Oh well… Maybe they’re preparing something better this time that needs some more time. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess we’ll find out. :slight_smile:


Yes, they did. Hahaha infamous Large T’s :laughing: (I was glad with the size, still haven’t worn it yet though)


Hi everyone,

We’re happy to hear you’re looking forward to this year’s QC gift!

At this time, we’re still putting together the gifts and finalizing mailing everything. We thank you so much for your patience, and we’ll be sure to send out another message once all QC’s gifts have been sent out. Thank you again for everything you do on Viki!

Viki Community Team


@camiille I didn’t receive the last community email / announcement with the “guess” the picture, I think it was about rewards, some other German viki members did not receive it as well. Should I reopen the previous topic in bugs & issues again??
Thank you, Simi

Hi @simi11,

That’s odd, thanks for letting us know. Please feel free to PM me directly if you’d like to share the list of German users. I can then pass that along to the appropriate team member. Otherwise, normally for other bugs I’d post them to Bugs & Issues.

Viki Community Team

Also please let me and the German Community know when the translations will be done of About and Title in my case The Story of Ming Lang that started airing on December 25 last year. The 2 answers I received about posting shortly is not happening.

I just checked that the following languages are allowed to translate, I thought only content providers will translate it :wink:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian and others

Why Viki decided to take out German is a totally mystery to me, our German Community is actually smaller than for example Spanish. I provided even to the new Community staff Amy a German translation… I feel somewhat lost, and Ming Lan isn’t the only one with missing German translations of either Title and/or About (summary)

I thought Viki is all for Global viewers, another issue I have, why is on my English page in my Channel Role page saying “Deutsche Subtitler and Deutsche Moderator” it’s a page all in English and not German, therefore it should state in Englisch: German Subtitler and German Moderator… this must me some mistake… there are other things I addressed but it’s probably a question of time to have that fixed.

Thanks for reading and I just will reopen the thread, so others can add their name… who have the email issue.
Best, Simi
updates 1/27: the translation on Ming Lan has been now posted, but why so many short paragraphs??

I hate to misdirect the topic of this thread, but…

It’s not just German, @simi11 dear. It’s ALL the languages asides from the 10 languages which you can find at the bottom of Viki’s homepage. :cry:

Hopefully everything gets restored and improved ASAP.



Hi, someone has already received the QC gift ? .

no they are not sneding them yet. camille sait in one tread they are still looking for good choises for our gifts


I got mines around March last year but it depends where you live!

I received my gift this morning, and I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed… at least last year’s shirt could be worn (it’s a nice one to sleep in :stuck_out_tongue:), but stickers + badge + a QC membership card? I can’t really see how any of these would actually be useful to me :confused:


This was the gift as received by another Italian mod who posted it on Facebook.

  1. Plastic badge with a writing Qualified Contributor 2018 and your number. It seems it is like a VIP member card for events - which of course are only in the US, making this useless for all of us who live elsewhere
  2. Stickers of Korean and Chinese food
  3. Thank you card, signed by four staff members
  4. Sew on round badge

Okay, you don’t look at a gift horse in the mouth, but still…


many german subbers got theirs too and yeah…

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LOL I kind of get sentimental thinking of the headphones, an OST cd, …
The tote bag, I gave to another Viki German subber that time, who didn’t get anything because it was her first year. Well at least a tote bag could be used.
And it wasn’t made of plastic.


Thank goodness I didn’t wasted my time giving my address for that. From bad to worst. lmao

If Viki pays me the flight ticket and hotel, well, I’m in ^^


Trust me. That little piece of plastic is just as worthless to us in the good old USA as it is to those who don’t live in the US. (Unless you live in CA)


I wonder is that the normal or gold QC gift?