Old school "girl" and Viki QC gift 2018

I became gold shortly before the dealine and filed out the form after becoming gold QC, so I’m assuming I got the gold package wich is exactly as on the photo from @irmar

When my relative sent me the photo, I thought she pranked me… Little did I know until I saw the pic on this post.

I like stickers and the thank you card with Viki staff signature, but I thought they would give something extra XD

I think this annual gift is kind of weird because:

  • Viki might have spent all their gift budget on their birthday last year with badges and stuff for the top.
    Badges are nice but how do you use badges in real life and how can you do something with it? It’s not supposed to compensate for the annual gift for QCs, right?

  • The concept of this annual gift is to thank and motivate every volunteer, no matter where they come from or live or how many contributions they did if they are QC, they fill the criteria, right?
    I understand that for the anniversary, it was the top who received gifts only, but here… It’s the annual gift for QCs without distinction, guys come on! How can we can motivate anyone, new or old, with the annual gift of this year.

I’m already sorry to say this, but I kind of feel it’s like an “insult” (even if it was not the intention) to thank volunteers with badges, an event card that can’t be used for every QC and a pin. We’re depending on each other.
I don’t ask for wages, but still, to thank the work of people who give their time and knowledge freely for one year… You could have made some efforts…
Nowadays, find someone who’s ready to do that… who will?
It’s not really nice to treat people like that.
We don’t ask for wages, we’re not that greedy for it (I suppose) or we won’t be here, but at least, if our suggestions to improve the website are not planned or not taken into consideration, if Viki changes the website to promote awesome gifts (I can still remember the gift icon), if the only way to motivate or thank the global community is to change the website with a rank top, badges, opening the managing positions, creating a hierarchy to make us feel considered or important in a certain role or a rank, but in fact, only feeding your interests, using us or using our interest in dramas or our naivety, etc. whereas the Rakuten group is on the stock option… I feel it’s kind of cheating every contributor. I feel sorry to say this, but let’s call a cat a cat.

  • I don’t mind to work freely for someone who don’t have the resources to give me something back. The work comes from the heart. I don’t expect a beggard on the street to give me something else back. But a beggard who will throw away food I give because he expected money to buy alcohol, it’s being inconsiderate.
    You’re a part of an international group… stock-option… if you’re going to announce awesome gifts publicly… I can’t avoid this feeling: it’s like false advertising. Isn’t it pushing a little too far to thank the work of hundreds of contributors and continue to promote the awesome perks like that?

If the only ones who received awesome gifts (the stickers and the card are awesome, but we kind of expected something extra) for their work last year are the top, then this system is unfair and only giving consideration to counters.
The work of some editors (not every editor) is much harder, time-consuming and everything else. They’re also harder to find. They should also be taken into consideration, not because of their counters but also because the kind of work they do. It can ask more time & more knowledge and the importance of it. They’re the ones who allow all other languages subbers to make their counters. I feel they’re not enough taken into consideration with the previous gifts for the anniversary.

Sometimes, you choose a path, not because it was the easiest one or the one you know better or where you would receive the most consideration, the fame or the respect or the most contributions or thank you gifts you deserve, but because it’s necessary.

Maybe, you shouldn’t have given me a gift at all this year to leave me with the impression that richer you get in your wallet and in fame, poorer your heart will become. If you become too greedy or too ungrateful or too neglectful, you will leave the impression of “using people” and they will leave or think twice about continuing or spending more time.

If you were to gift this annual gift to your employees for their work last year, what would their reaction be?
We’re not employees, but still, don’t leave us thinking that you think little of us with this annual gift… If you’re going to gift every QC, do it with real care because when we contribute, we do it with real care for you, for fans and for volunteers.


I’m underwhelmed as well. Probably everyone is. Didn’t really expect anything in the first place when I started off and also forgot they’d send them out around this time, but when I got the letter I was kinda happy and started to expect a little (somewhat) useful gift. Yet once opened, it felt like a waste of paper, plastic and money.
Sometimes it’s better to do nothing than doing it half-hearted. Where there’s no expectation, there’s no disappointment.


I know, right? I shouldn’t expect more from Viki, but though I don’t expect anything, I don’t expect that Viki could think it was right to send a gift like that… I mean, who???

I don’t want to be responsible for attracting new volunteers under false advertising of awesome gifts and imaginary webpages and web designs with ranks, counters, badges to make us feel “gifted” with something or recognized. I don’t want that my work and time are recognized that way, in a rank or in a badge. It’s a real pity that it’s the only way they found to attract, motivate, represent us or our work.
Please, remove my comment on this page, delete me totally from this page, thank you: https://www.viki.com/community

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When it comes to the annual presents, I wasn’t expecting much so now I’m in the whatevs state.

The real insult I feel is the fact that the site is still only available in 10 languages.



@piranna : c’st le cadeau le plus minable que j’ai reçu depuis que je suis sur viki. Même les sacs en tissu ou le T-shirt géant étaient mieux, au moins je les utilise. Cette fois, ça part directement à la poubelle.


L’année dernière, alors que je n’étais même pas Gold QC, j’ai reçu un T-shirt. Cette année, gold QC, j’étais impatiente de recevoir le petit colis. Or, hier, je découvre une enveloppe avec ces choses inutiles à l’intérieur. Je me suis sentie un peu insultée et prise pour une gamine de 15 ans… Je sais que nous faisons du bénévolat, mais pour une entreprise qui fait du chiffre d’affaires. N’y avait-il vraiment pas d’autres sortes de cadeaux à offrir. Ce cadeau 2018 est vraiment un gâchis d’argent… Viki Rakuten a vraiment de la chance de nous avoir, car nous ne faisons pas ce travail pour les cadeaux, mais un peu de respect et de reconnaissance seraient les bienvenus !

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I wonder: That number on your card is that your rank for the year or your number since Viki existed? If it’s the last I’m within the first 2000 people who signed up at Viki. Pretty cool but of course its pretty useless? :thinking::joy:


we thought in the german communtiy about this too xD
but yeah… the present itself… yooo…

Maybe the number displays the rank, when your confirmation email reached Viki?

I just got mine. I’m glad I read this post yesterday, so I was prepared for what I got :sweat_smile:


I was thinking… eventhough we might not like the gift so much on itself. I believe it never happened that we got our QC gifts so fast :smiley: Personally I wasn’t expecting it before june :joy:

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Stond bij jou je adres wel normaal op de envelop? Bij mij stond er Woonplaats No postcode. Waar ze die “No” vandaan hebben weet ik niet.:laughing:

@bozoli the famous Kimchi slap, from which Kdrama was it again. I watched it and I tried to remember but I can’t… I do remember I watched it after I saw this scene because I thought it was hilarious.

Nee, bij mij stond Woonplaats So postcode… weet ook niet waar die So voor staat :smile_cat:

I am Gold QC and I got exactly this, so…
Frankly, I would feel less insulted if they just said “People, this year we’re not sending anything”.
On the other hand, my son (who is almost 26!) just told me the stickers are awesome and the badge cool. Of course I told him he’s welcome to have them, but he wouldn’t reply to my questions of what on earth he’s going to do with them.

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I got mine too, today. I wonder what kind of events the membership card could be used for and what the ranking means. As far as I know, this is the 3rd time I received a Viki gift. The most useful one was a cotton Vikibag. I agree with most commenters here saying they’d rather received something else or nothing at all, but stil I think it’s better than receiving a shirt that is one size fits all (in reality fits almost no one)

Voila! :smile:

That would be some crowd :wink: Let’s at least dream of it :heart_eyes:

Thanks Viki for your recent “gift” and for the good thought. I love the Thank You card, the rest hmm I’m not sure what to make out of it, if the membership card at least had my name, I’d could brag with it within my friends’ circle, stickers with food, what do you do with them? There is no Viki Logo or some drama related or subtitling slogans on it, food?? Iron on patch ok, it’s cute… but I still feel kinda, that’s not all. I remember fondly my first year I received the fabric bag with Viki logo I’ve used for shopping and I still use the blue notebook, the actors stickers were cute too and I saved them. Then the gift coupon was really great I ordered several things from that place and I’ll always remember that Viki gifted me all these :wink: Then T-shirt… well I haven’t worn it yet because I packed up and traveled but it was really nice… I asked several times for a Viki logo mug and or pens, pens with a company logo aren’t that expensive… perhaps it’s a wrapping/shipping issue… please no more stickers… the community is somewhat disappointed, but I feel that you already know it…

I wonder why not simply create a survey that would help you to figure out what QC’s really wish or like to meet everyone in the middle?

Updates: Well Viki surprised us again, people check your email box for the BIG NEWS of quaterly Rewards!!! Now we know why the member card :wink: