Old school "girl" and Viki QC gift 2018

Sometimes I think the typical phrase “It’s only me, I guess …?!” I have the Old School Badge of Viki and I am starting to see it in a different light.

For Viki Blog you need to register either with Google or Facebook, for some it is just I need it I will open up one. For me it’s, I would only need it for this one comment so - beat it. I am holding my tongue, or fingers and just forget about what I wanted to comment. Google and Facebook are data kraken and I am someone, who does not need them. I shop in real shops in my city, or I create something with my own hands. I like the possibilty about the informations I can get in the web, but not so much if that a product shows on every second page I am looking at, when I already bought it. Or worse if it is a product I would never buy. And there is already Disqus, so …

Back to the Viki Gift 2018, we get a form to fill out. After I didn’t use last years voucher, I already said I try to buy at my homeplace because, I like window shopping and not look at an inner-city that only has cafes, restaurants and that’s pretty much it … I thought okay, maybe it will be the last time for me to apply, since my spare time gets rare and even more rare … And what does the form want me to do “Log into your Google account” … WHY?

If this is it, then just create a Viki QC badge for every year, so one day we could look back and think - Ah, the good old days in 2018. Viki can still give out gifts, but at least there would be something you wouldn’t need to apply, it would just appear like magic on your profile for Christmas or New Year.
Then I would simply say THANK YOU!


@lutra Yes, you’re right. I have exactly the same problem. To be able to fill out this form, I had to use someone else’s google account, because I don’t have a google account and I don’t want one. I don’t think it’s normal for Viki to force us to log into a google account to get gifts.


I’m not sure why, perhaps because I use my gmail to log into Viki (I always have), but I don’t think I had to log in at all, into Viki or gmail. I can’t go back to check, because the system knows I already filled up the scheme.

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You’re right, this sucks. I do have a google account for youtube and because I like using google spreadsheets for viki projects (but no gmail). But it shouldn’t be “mandatory” if you want to get your gift.

i also had do lock in with my googlemail and i wasnt plaesend

I think this is a way to pry into ‘’ people’s (volunteers) business.’’ That is why I never bothered to fill out the form last year, to get what turned out to be an oversized sweatshirt (for most it would have fit me lol) and some logo. Everybody was trying to find ways to be able to use this huge shirt. They offered a gift, ask for the address, but never bothered to ask for the size? They certainly knew what they were going to send.

This has always bothered me so much, and I question: why can’t they just offer a voucher and send it to our email? If their intention is an appreciation gift to volunteers they should put more effort into it.

PS. My suggestion? a voucher to purchase something in ULTA/SEPHORA for example. They do have $5 stuff there, too.

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Wasn’t it last year, when they gave a coupon code for 20/30 dollars? I do not remember the company though, it was an Asian shop, that also has stores in Europe. Because some were troubled because of the tax regualtion in their countries …
In the early days you would get shirts, tote bags, headphones, drama osts a.s.o … Sometimes you could win gift cards with a certain amount, that you were free to use in almost any shop.


That was a year before, the 2016 QC gift (Yesstyle coupon)


Thank you Dudie! I guess, I lost track of time.

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Yes lutra dudie is right about that.

I bought a lot of stuff with the YESSTYLE coupon and I remember I got an email with a link, and through that I ordered the products. They were great quality product and last me a long time. It took long for delivery I think more than a month but it was worth the wait.

I thought you got the oversized sweatshirt too. Here is the link in case you want to check it out. It was such an entertaining subject I had so much fun with the discussion. Learned some sewing tips.



I was happy with the shirt, it was exactly my size, LOL! But yes, they should have given a choice, at least S, M, L.
I was even happier with the yesstile coupon, because it meant I could choose whatever I liked. Although it took me forever, since it’s such a huge shop, it was fun browsing.


Bad memory with the yesstyle coupon because it didn’t work, got a new one and still didn’t work whereas it was respecting the deadline so just bought without coupon because the purchase couldn’t wait.:joy:
But thanks to this partnership, I got to discover Yesstyle and tried some Korean products that I saw on beauty vlogs while contributing on them on Viki.

Acne Cosrx pimples patch are awesome, I recommend it. You just stick it on your face while sleeping, next morning, it got better.
Same for Innisfree green tea serum and Cosxr good morning cleanser.
Now I’m shopping on Yesstyle a few times per year because of these products, their recurrent sales and buy gifts too.

The price for Kproducts is cheapier by buying with Yesstyle: 60 to 80% off compared to 25% off on Sephora.

The Tshirt last year was easier to get and oversized is so comfy!!

If they have no idea about future gifts, why not a coupon on a website they own or any website (it would make us discover new shopping websites as possible customers) or their website shop (at least we can pick size, mugs, bags, clothes) or the gifts they gave for top contributors for badges (dramas goodies). Sounds good?

I prefer the coupon on a lambda website so I can pick! Among many things I’d like to try, one of them is Korean, Japanese food or junk food, especially the famous Honey Butter Chips.

I couldn’t find this brand in Asian stores here so I content myself with another brand :slight_smile:


@piranna, what I love about you is that you’re always so positive. Keep up the good work! :blush:



I did thought about mentioning that they would have to adjust the voucher’s idea to the stores available in Europe, South America, Canada etc… They don’t always have ULTA or SEPHORA all over but I know they have them in South Korea. Glad you had some other suggestions.

I had no problems with the form and could log in with my email. I haven’t linked Google or Facebook or Twitter with anything, I keep them separated. It might be comfortable to have everything combined, but since I had some hacker attacks on my accounts, I keep them all separated.

And I’m really looking forward to the Viki QC gift 2018. Come on, it’s a gift! We have the German saying “You don’t look into the muzzle of a bestowed horse”, so I won’t complain about the last year’s gifts. Although I had many problems with the voucher for Yesstyle and some customs problems and although I don’t like the shirt. I sticked the pennant on the window of my car, but everyone thinks that’s a soccer logo pennant :slight_smile: The shirt would be a great bag, but I’m still lacking some creative input for a perfect output ^^


Yes, I agree with that saying. It’s a gift. Sure, it sucks when you can’t use it (the shirt was fine (and I’m glad with the size), I haven’t worn it yet though and I haven’t been on Viki before then). But it’s a nice gesture :slight_smile: I wonder what they will send out this year. It must be hard to select a gift that can be sent around the world…

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for raising the concern about the google login required for the form. This requirement setting was accidentally turned on, and we apologize for the inconvenience this caused for some of you! We’ve updated the form settings so it is no longer required. If you’d like your e-mail that you used for the form to be updated, please feel free to send me a PM or write in to the Help Center.

Viki Community Team


Has anyone received their gift yet?
It’s been a little less than 2 months since the form deadline and I’ve heard nothing about it ever since.
Nothing on the discussions from people that got theirs and no notes from the post office to go pick anything up.

I’m just trying to figure out if mine is simply temporarily stuck at customs (quite common in my country), or if they just recently sent them out. :sweat_smile: OK, I’m also a bit curious what the gift is… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nope, nothing yet :slight_smile:


Viki usually doesn’t send it out so soon so I think they just didn’t send it yet and maybe it’s still in the making and they wanted to know how many people applied for it first. If I remember correctly my 2015 gift arrived in june 2016.