Old school "girl" and Viki QC gift 2018


@piranna you as “one” as “the volunteer” Now reading further, okay LOL you got that right.

After reading your thoughts, and keeping in mind what actually comes back from Viki, we probably should just ignore comments at all. Less trouble, one could open a thread here to discuss over the drama since in the comment it is quite impossible. We would really just leave that field for Viki to operate on. What a wonderful world this could. Lalala la la la lala history … I will just spent some time with Sam Cooke tonight


You know, that’s not a bad idea at all!


Works of art are rich of all possible interpretations, including those the author didn’t think of - at least not consciously. And of course one can find different layers when reading multiple times, at different stages of one’s life, and every historical era can read it through the lens of its own preoccupations.
I chose to read this passage in the sense that every action has its effects, and cultivating our own self and taking good care of our immediate environment, even if it’s a small, isolated corner of the world, can have an effect in changing the world.
I put this into practice a lot in my own life. I feed the cats under my house, I have saved and taken in my house quite a few in the course of my life and I also give 40 euros every year to a foundation for strays. That’s all. I do know that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands for whom I do nothing about, dying on the streets. But, distressing as it is, I say to myself “that’s what I can do in my immediate environment. I’m not ready to give up my life and go around the whole neighbourhood or city to help”. In the same way, I volunteer for an organization for unaccompanied migrant children. Not actively, every week. Just every now and then, when I have time, and I get an email about a child needing company or care.
Also I recycle stuff, and use cloth shopping bags, reusable Tupperware water bottles and lunch boxes. But I don’t give up my only Sunday to go to the beaches to pick up plastic bags. Although I know it would have been great if I did that, I have bad knees and a bad back, and I weigh the double of what I should, so I get breathless very quickly.
In the same way, I don’t pick up all the Viki projects that are given to me, just those I really like, and only a few at a time, because I don’t want to do it as a chore and be overwhelmed by deadlines.
That’s what I can do in my present situation, as a middle-aged woman with children, a job and an elderly mother to take care of. I refuse to stress and think of the overwhelming quantity of things I am NOT doing but desperately need to be done. I do what I’m comfortable doing with whatever I see in front of me, knowing that if everyone did just that little, the whole world would change.


[@anna79_9 Excellent suggestion!
About once every few months I get a short note out of the blue from a viewer who just writes to thank me for the subs and that is great. But If I needed those random occasional notes to work, I would have quit a long time ago and just vegged out, paid for viki pass plus, Netflix and other services and just watched. I think probably 99% of us contributors do it for the personal satisfaction we get and not for recognition or for the trinkets we get as QCs.
My hat’s off to the top 50 or top 100 contributors. The only time I’ve done more than 1000 contributions per day was when we had contests and my wrists ached afterwards. Viki used to have weekly top ten (or maybe 20?) by languages and even segmenting was broken down by source languages. I think it was uploaded on Mondays. It was a great recruiting tool too. Even though I have no chance of ever making it to top 3, I think it’s nice to recognize these people.


I MISS THOSE! Precisely because of its the recruiting potential, particularly vital for small languages such as mine (Croatian).


Hi @camiille,
When will we receive QC gift 2018 ? Waiting with longing :heart_eyes:
Thanks :bouquet:


The gifts are getting pathetic.


lol I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks that,too. I think is disrespectful to treat volunteers like that. . If they really appreciated the work the volunteers do here, they would show that by giving better thoughtful gifts.

I think totes with Rviki Logos would be pretty and useful. The gift should be a display to promote the site and at the same time something that the volunteer can use on a daily basis.


Unfortunately the promise of special gifts for top contributors has already given birth to at least two abusers who are current # 1 and #2. #2 put periods in over 10,000 subtitle blanks and nothing more. #1 is industriously copying English into google Translate to translate to Bengali and then entering Bengali into the sub editor.


2# has gone to room 404, as it seems


I’ve been keeping track of my ranking in het list for a few days and #250 was the highest place I got. In the pace and time that I contribute to subbing, I don’t think I’ll make a chance to reach the top 50. That’s why I think there is a fairer solution, that gives everyone the chance on prizes.

Instead of a ranking system where only the top 50 subbers get a prize, Viki should give out rewards for certain milestones a user receives.

Certain milestones could be 50.000 segs/subs, 100.000, 200.000, 500.000 etc.

In this way no one needs to stress about the time limit, because as long as you stay long enough it’s perfectly possible to reach such milestones.

And to reduce the chance of abusing this function, Viki’s algorithm should only count the subs/segs that were made for drama’s where the subber was officially part of a team. Although people still could abuse, especially when their language is not widely known, if they get caught and kicked out of the team or get their account blocked, it will be much harder/impossible to reach their milestone.


I want to let you all know that my QC gift of 2018 was in my mail today!
LOL - If someone is still waiting for it to come, there might be a chance left. I don’t know what happened maybe the ship was hijacked with the mail on board …
It’s the 3rd of September 2019 and the stamp is from the 15th February this year. Don’t know why it took so long … When I flipped the envelope over it I saw a bad readable stamp of “LUSAKA”?

So maybe my mail was on a world trip …

QC gift 2019 - what are your thoughts/suggestions?