Old school "girl" and Viki QC gift 2018


I’m like lutra and dudie, real “old timers” and I remember with nostalgia the earphones, numerous book bags, calendars, gift certificate for the viki store, gift certificate for Yesstyle, and even a 3 month membership viki pass which I could use (not needed) or give to a friend. I even got cute stickers one year with C and K idols on them – didn’t know what to do with the stickers but they were fun to look at. The mousepad I got one year was one of the best,
And both Seg 101 and Ninja seggers got T shirts in the past. Last year was not so thrilling but at least we got a sleeping shirt. But this year? meh.


The real question is: What will be the next step to this gifts climbing… Next year, what should we expect?
Let’s open the bet! I bet on a useless gift…

Maybe we should help viki choose next year’s gifts?

Ok so… My greatest gift I want from Viki next year: I want all messages with “subtitles please”, “english please”, and this in all languages, be automatically destroyed and turn into “translators you are all the best in the world”. My gift proposal: A love message transformer.

I am sure of one thing, it will be useful for our morale!

Maybe the real gift, it would be just gratitude. Just a little gratitude… But I see only ungrateful recently.


Sorry for the previous previous message. There will be more gifts for a certain part of QC (top 50). In a way, this is better than the annual QC gift (but for one part only).

  • I don’t like rank systems in general (bad souvenirs) and will opt out. Before it wasn’t needed to be on this page to be accountable or to be recognized in top a, b, c for previous events, but now it is needed. Why does it need to be public?
    Top3, top 10, top 50… do we need to rank people, it’s kinda dizzy with tops.
    The feel is people who are not in this top don’t deserve a large medium small gifts though they contribute (there will be other opportunities in the article, but honestly, I think there will be rare ones or none. Why would you gift the top 1000 volunteers)

  • basically, the annual qc gift for this year is still… good gift for top 50 and stickers+ty card for the annual gift for everyone.

  • your message is you prefer we sub or segment.
    It’s fair for subbers and seggers who do this activity a lot but correctly is another question.
    Volunteers need voounteers checkers. They might be the ones who are easily forgotten in this cascade of gifts and the ones with more work +more work with this quaterly gift (I hope not).

I have much hanged my view on this, that now, the only way I see it is: thanks for using us and thanks to the ones you’re using the most. I don’t like that I finally think that, but this feeling has grown from interactions and interactions. It is hard to fight this feeling.
Using the best commercial ways to make people think that it’s for education, it’s fun and all, wow what you do is for a good use, it’s nice… it was fun at the beginning when you don’t think this, but now, it appears less… less everything.
It was fun at the beginning when people were just people, but now, with the things that were implemented to zoom in the community (ranks, badges, positions, gifts) there was another effect, changing people. Me on my opinion and I see it in others interactions, others changed, too.
If it was a good change, my message would be totally different.
And this quaterly system is not going to arrange things, but only clivate the community and the community mind in my opinion because of how the quaterly system gift was thought and built.

After all, seems like we’re only minions attracted by candies.
No more thoughts on this, if you could delete my review on the community page, you’ll find surely more eager people to promote Viki. I’ve filled a ticket for that. Thank you!


Hi @piranna, how did you get that article? I had to go to the blog and look for camille, then look for her posts.
I am not a follower on that, because it’s asking me for “g” and “fb” accounts I don’t have. Don’t want to.

I am pretty sure all in all for those quarter gifts there will be a overlap of 80%,from contributes, who will get it all the time. I don’t mind that much. But I see that there is a lack in communication in some channels these days and if you go in for communication, you never know what will happen. Do you need to defend Viki or do you need to defend the team, yourself?

But what I see that in the teams there might be some lone fighters then. Why would one take care of bad comments? What do we gain? Why edit anything? Needs all your patience and does not count in a way you would say time and benefits are on a solid base. All it will do it will make us discuss again. About the same things, again. About the same topics … We are doing it for years now and all I see is less answers from Viki.

For me I don’t need that kind of recognition. I fell back on my contribution to a tiny number only holding my status. No more. With bringing such quater gifts - I will see more comments in my mind’s eye like, “YOU GET A LOT OF BENEFITS FROM VIKI JUST UPLOAD THOSE F**** SUBTITLES RIGHT AWAY” - “BE FASTER SINCE IT’S NOT AS YOU DON’T GET ANYTHING IN RETURN FROM VIKI”

The greatest gift from Viki would be those nasty comments would be taken care of by Viki on every end, comments in the channels, videos, reviews … But then again, it’s still cheaper to give about 50 gifts for the top contributors

As I said, I don’t mind that top contributors get recognition, but it still makes me angry somehow at Viki.


I agree that this idea is absolutely terrible! All it does is foster quantity over quality, and only the top 50 getting a present is just way too few people. All it’s going to do is create so much more work for moderators and editors when people are going to sub too quickly/hastily in order to get on the top 50 and other people will have to spend so much time correcting the errors they made in their haste. And it sure makes them feel unappreciated by Viki on top of it since most QC’s won’t even get gifts anymore now aside from some stickers.


It’s QC newsletters:

The article you need a google or fb accounts to access it:

If you click on pics, it should be bigger.


No, I can read it but I had to look pretty deep “in the woods”. Oh, newsletter, I should check my emails more often, than this community page.
I got a “pop up notification” that I was here before and should make it official with such accounts, it’s that you can’t even reply to such a post without it, it’s a requirement.
You can take out the picture of the article, if you want, because your link worked just fine. I just wondered where it is “published”.

P.S. Checked my emails and did not get the QC letter … Is there another restriction?


I got this Mail too…
Hm… i can never made over 20.000 subs or segs in ONE month. I dont know how people can do so…
I go to work, I have family issues, sometimes I dont even want to see a Drama Site xD
and oly the top 50… my best was 27 for atleast 2 hours? then i went to bed fall to the buttom of in the 80 or so…


Okay, found the reason why I did not get the QC letter, I guess there was no “hook” in the settings. Guessing further that I will have to get all the other advertising mails now too, only to not miss QC letters …


Well, I have to disagree that the quarterly gifts bring only quantity over quality. There might be those cases, yes, but if you take a look now at the top 50 board, most of these folks are old-timers and generaly hard-working volunteers.

I myself thrive in competition. It brings out the best in me. But I also understand that many here don’t react to competition in the same way.

@piranna made an interesting point. That the Top 50 board itself is a tier system, not so unlike the Korean school system (which we know stifles creativity). And now it has a reward/“punishment” aspect to it, strengthening its effect. As Piranna already mentioned, it’s bad because you have editors/moderators in every language checking the subs without credit. @anna79_9 mentioned the great work of reporting all that subzplz spam. I would just like to add the page designers who also get no cred watsoever within this tier system.

Finally, I would like to make probably the most important point. The tier system was most likely invented to stimulate the QCs to work more, to contribute more than they would do on average thus far. However, as of today (end of February), the 50th place has a high threshold of 7.500 contributions. That is approximately 10 episodes of Korean dramas. This is our side job, side enjoyment. What if you have school and work throughout most of the year and have no time to seg or sub 10 episodes of anything per month?

So, my point is that rewarding first 50 contributors on a regular basis makes those who can come close to 8000 contributions/month work even that much harder, while for the rest it’s highly destimulating. If ultimate aim of Viki is to increase the total of contributions, I doubt this is the right way to go. Time will tell.

Love this! :smile:


I think, before Viki gets there with quarter gifts for upcoming contribution, they could honor “our longtime contributors”. That would somehow make more sense.
I have no enthusiasm, I am not running after a “carrot”. I do not see any sense in this, but I am someone who is also working on reducing my power usage, water usage, using less plastic or at least do not buy new ones. Eating regional and bio dynamic food, eating less meat, less sugar, totally understanding youngsters not going to school on Fridays and demanding a future. (Since in my youth or late teens it was about the cold war and stationing of nuclear weapons, nuclear test and atomic plants.) With that background I don’t need those gifts, I will still hold my “home/family time” higher, than to contribute at Viki. I can probably never again contribute more than 600-1000 subtitles in 6 months in the future. So I won’t even need to think about getting ready for competition.


My original reason and motivation behind this work is to allow my Mom and other people like her to be able to get a break from a sometimes awful day. Thereby improve their life quality in a small way.

Different people are motivated by different things. Competition is an external motivator and may work on some folks. But I think even the social scientists agree that the inner motivation leads to a more healthy, higher quality and long-term work.


I am right there with you. One does not need to be a genius to know " Dedicated employees/vonuteers do not need to be motivated. But you have to be wary of demotivating those."


@anna79_9 that would be a great gift


I also translate and enjoy it, when my mother sees what we have done ^-^


It’s not in your spam or junk folder?
Or untick the box, save and tick it again, save again.

(“you” = viki?)

I think:

  • I think it’s more about defending what seems right, not particularly someone or an entity (or me).
    Sometimes, it happens that we defend Viki or sometimes the team.
    Most of the time, we see people defending the team in comments because the people who comment are eyeing at volunteers or talk about “subbers” so inevitably, you’re bound to answer in that direction, defending the team.
    Defend oneself on this website, against what exactly?

In our life, we’re bound to meet some people who will call us out in the streets or drunk people or dogs barking at us, what do we do? Will we bark at dogs, reason with drunk people or begin to make a fuss with the people who insult us in the street or even turn our head?
If they want to speak, then they can speak.
Why should you care and be touched by it or play at the same level?
I mean it’s strangers and for whatever reason they have, their vision is reduced to “I pay so you owe me something.”
Why should we care more than that about their reaction when we know who we have in front of you? Do we take everyone seriously?
It’s just comments and in our mind, it should stay “it’s just comments”. Of course, there will always be more important things than answering in comments.

  • We have our opinions that might be divergent, but it should stay harmless (and it’s like that in my mind, having different opinions on some matters and voicing them should be harmless).
    It’s more beliefs or principles or what seems right that we “defend” or voicing out, but each one has his beliefs, principes or what seems right in their eyes… so each one is free to delete comments that ask for subs or not if they see it useful. We’re free, there’s no 1 best way.
    If it seems right for you, then just go for it.

- About usefulness, it's just a matter of vision or different interests from parties. Different opinions don't kill on this matter (I hope so) :slight_smile: Any boss would like that their employees cost them less whereas any employee would like to gain more for their work. Viki would probably prefer to have less wages to pay than having to pay subbers. Some think that editing is not really necessary, we're doing it for fun, so they skip that part whereas some others think that it's really important. Some judge that a cover page is not really useful compared to... answering is not useful... etc.

In all cases, if it’s useful or not, it’s up to people’s opinions finally.
If people don’t see it’s useful, they will just not do it.
If some can’t do it, they can’t.
We’re free, no contract or whatsoever. We manage our timetable, our resources, our comments as adults. The only obligation is the one you fixed for yourself and the obligation that viki stated in their rules or their future statement on it.

About deleting comments from Viki, Youtube is not able to do this, so Viki… I have no great hope for that. “Flag” is kind of unavoidable.

  • Relative: deleting comments or not, compared to…
    Each one sees these comments in their eyes.
    And so each one will rank priorities differently.
    For me, it’s not what is the most important to delete comments, etc. Of course, cleaning walls is useful, but compared to many things everyone has to do in a day, if I could pick one, this one won’t be in my top priorities list and I’m sure this list is different from everyone.

Some will take it really badly, like insults.
Each one finally reacts differently depending on our sensibility to certain things.
They might feel that it’s insults because they’re doing the best they can already or it’s a miracle they could find time already and viewers are being ungrateful, etc.
It’s because they did many sacrifices already or their work is not recognized the way they wanted.
So obviously, if you’re going to criticize someone about their work whereas they have, not proud maybe, but let’s say… high esteem, it’s normal that you hit something delicate because it’s in them.
It’s about what you give, how precious you see what you give and your sensibility to how the thing you give is perceived from others, their reaction to your “gift” (recognition or expectation of… something coming from someone).
Some volunteers need some recognition in what they do.
What is right and what is wrong?

I don’t say it’s right, it’s wrong, but just that this is what I could observe.

  • Knowing that, the recognition shown by gifts is only for 50 volunteers who sub or seg the most.
    The counters are unfair already, so the “reward” gift can only be unfair.
    Being fair for 50 counters and unfair to other 1000 counters doesn’t seem what I call fair.
    It’s for this belief “fairness” that I thought wasn’t being respected.

(could be with viewers, volunteers and Viki):

It’s bothersome to spend time on this. We’re bound to spend time in everything, now, I don’t want to spend time on this anymore, it’s the same feeling when you talk with some viewers. Useless.
I feel Viki and volunteers have different priorities lists and different visions (we’re in the micro vision and the ones who use their tools whereas if it works enough, it’s enough for them, I suppose), so it’s normal that finally, we can never agree (on many things) and the way we would build things differs. We always see it differently, it would be good for once to understand why or their vision better so maybe we can really talk.


I read the QC newsletter this morning and the Quarterly gifts might motivate some, go for it, but I won’t be participating in this race.

  1. I don’t like accumulating things and 2) I don’t think it’s fair to those who do a lot of behind the scenes work, like editors, chief segmenters (or segmenters who correct segments), page designers, channel managers, seg academies, etc. 3) I promised myself to spend less time online, so :sunglasses:.

Edit: I do acknowledge that a lot of oldtimers make up the top 50 list and they make wonderful contributions, but sometimes those who value quantity and put in whatever, make it to the list as well.


I agree, but there is a time for everything.
For instance, sometimes I come to Viki in the evening, very tired, or very very early morning, just after waking up, when my brain does not function well enough to translate or edit. Then I enjoy deleting timed comments or flagging fake reviews. They are not the priority, but there is a time slot in which these things are the perfect thing to do.


Definitely. I will name no names, but I know a volunteer who made it regularly to the weekly top list. She was lightning quick in translating but never looked at her translation again, leaving lots of typos and other errors. When I complained (I was moderator in that project) she said “we are here for fun, we shouldn’t stress out, you sound like a school teacher”. I never worked with her again, although we were otherwise in good terms at the time.


Yup, while waiting for the subway, I confirm :slight_smile:

I think some volunteers have a trauma with comments (that could explain a lot, comments WWIII) :joy:

We must cultivate our garden.

The question was: changing the world or changing us or both?
Or “Another interpretative possibility is that Candide cultivating “his garden” suggests his engaging in only necessary occupations, such as feeding oneself and fighting boredom. This is analogous to Voltaire’s own view on gardening: he was himself a gardener at his estates in Les Délices and Ferney, and he often wrote in his correspondence that gardening was an important pastime of his own, it being an extraordinarily effective way to keep busy”

We pick what we want to believe when we read comments :blush: