[On Air C-Drama] "To Be A Better Man" - Recruiting all positions

###To Be A Better Man
Recruiting Moderators, Segmenters, Translators, Editors
Broadcast starts 31 May
Channel Link | PM Link

There are several subbed clips/trailers on the channel if you want to check them out.

Starring Sun Honglei, Maggie Jiang, David Wang, Che Xiao, Zhang Yixing (EXO Lay), Guan Xiaotong

Lu Yuan worked hard in America to become a Michelin 3-starred chef. To many, he is the Devil incarnate, reckless and wanton. But when it comes to the person he loves, he is an entirely different “good man,” loyal, kind, and honest. After a nightmarish car accident takes away his friend, he returns home with his remains. There, he runs into the person he most doesn’t want to see, and becomes entangled with his ex, Gan Jing, their old classmate, Jiang Haokun, and Haokun’s younger sister, Jiang Lai.

  • Not currently licensed
  • Moderators filled for Dutch, German, Spanish, Vietnamese

PM me if you have any questions!

Link: http://www.viki.com/videos/1104169v
First episode with English subs. Still a bit of setup as far as the story goes, but see if you’re interested. (Fill in a title request if you are!)

I’d really like to have a few segmenters on board. Experience preferred or you can do a test video otherwise.