[On-air Chinese Series] "Lonely Gourmet - Taipei": Recruiting Mods, Segmenters, Chinese-English Subbers

Attention all foodies! We just licensed the on-air Chinese web series entitled “Lonely Gourmet - Taipei” and the team is actively recruiting Moderators, Segmenters and Subtitlers.

The best part of the day for a lonely old businessman is when he clocks out after a long day’s work and discovers a new place to eat. Wu Lang (Winston Chao) spends his days visiting clients in different parts of Taipei. After he finishes work for the day, he then starts his quest to discover hidden gems among the restaurants in the part of town where he ends up. As he explores new restaurants and meets new people, will he be able to dispel a little bit of his loneliness through good food and friendly people? “Lonely Gourmet” is a 2015 Chinese television series. It is based on an ongoing seinen manga series written by Masayuki Kusumi and illustrated by Jiro Taniguchi that has also been adapted into a Japanese television drama series.

If interested, please PM the Channel Manager, gmtn96. Thank you!

Hey everyone! Episodes 1 and 2 are now live! The team is still actively recruiting, including segmenters and subbers, so check it out and message the Channel Manager or Moderator to get involved!