[On-air K-Drama] "The Lover": Recruiting Segementers, Kor-Eng Subbers

Hi, everyone!

We’ve just licensed the on-air Korean Drama, The Lover starring Oh Jung Se, Ryu Hyun Kyung, Choi Yeo Jin, Jung Joon Young, Lee Jae Joon, CROSS GENE’s Takuya, Ha Eun Sul and Park Jong Hwan.

“The Lover” is a drama that tells the different stories of four different couples/pairs living together under one roof in an apartment complex. The couples include two 30-somethings who decide to live together and not get married, an aspiring and handsome musician and penny-pinching ajumma with a 12-year age gap between them, forced roommates with a language barrier, and a pair of 20-somethings that just moved in together.

Check it out, and if interested, send a message to the Channel Manager or respective channel moderator.