[On-air Korean Drama] "Super Daddy 10": Recruiting Subbers (esp. Kor-Eng)

Hi everyone!

We just licensed the on-air Korean drama, “Super Daddy 10,” starring “Marry Him If You Dare”’s own Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yoo Ri from “Jang Bo Ri Is Here," and the team is actively recruiting members, especially subbers (Kor-Eng)

Synopsis: Doctor Cha Mi-Rae (Lee Yu Ri) has one daughter. One day, she is diagnosed with a rare cancer and informed she has about one year to live. She then seeks out her first love, Han Yul (Lee Dong Gun) and tries to turn him into the best father for her daughter.

This title is available in the US, Canada, LatAm and for QCs.

Viki channel: http://www.viki.com/tv/26725c-super-daddy

Check it out, and if you’re interested in helping out, please PM the Channel Manager, kakashiandme, or the respective language moderator to be added to the team.