Ooo Those Historic Outfits - The Fabrics are Gorgeous!


saya’s and barongs are very nice. The barongs are made of pina fabric



image Google Barong - that’s the name of the men’s shirts and Saya is the name of the ladies dresses with those stand-up sleeves.

Maybe you can find better ones (that they wear now) bc I’ve seen gorgeous one, but only found those black and white pictures. I would love to see them in bright? colors.


Google Barong - that’s the name of the men’s shirts and Saya is the name of the ladies dresses with those stand-up sleeves.



I know the skirt would not be short at all. This is a modern version



I LOVED Ni Ni’s costumes in Love and Destiny - she seemed to have a lot of beautifully embroidered outfits

This gradient hanfu :heart_eyes:


I want to finished, Love & Destiny. I got stuck around ep. 22 I think.

They really put fl through literal h*ll. I felt so sad for her.


And then they put ML through hell :expressionless: Isn’t that the entire plot of most xianxias? Drag both leads through hell and back, don’t give them a moment’s respite, tack on some infuriating misunderstandings, make someone have to wait hundreds or thousands of years to meet their loved one, give them terrible trials in the mortal realm whether they’re mortal or immortal, make them die a tragic death in Mortal Realm to make everyone cry buckets, then return them to the Heavenly Realm which isn’t all that better anyway, make one or both the leads sacrifice one of their senses or lives for the other…

I thought it was lighter than most xianxias, though. For once, the Heavenly Emperor was a GOOD GUY. He used his heavenly brain and didn’t let people take over his throne or manipulate him to turn against the main leads. He treated ML like a son and later treated FL as a daughter-in-law. They kept the comedy throughout without letting it dissolve into angst for many episodes. There were no sticky, long-drawn love triangles.

You stopped near the threshold of the drama, actually… she goes for her mortal trial somewhere around Ep 30. The Mortal Realm plot is both sad and funny; Immortal ML and mortal FL both have to undergo trials. I didn’t expect to laugh so much, though. Chang Chen did soooo well acting like a lovestruck fool while still retaining his God of War elegance. Ni Ni was wonderful, changing her entire demeanor as she went from one realm to another. Both main actors expressed themselves really well and didn’t shy away from embarrassing themselves or showing their less-than-perfect sides. I stayed for Ni Ni’s adorable smile and both the leads’ characters, and I wasn’t disappointed.


Hahaha good to know. This one is on my list :smile:
The Heavenly Emperor in Eternal Love really got cussed out by the TCs. They weren’t wrong :laughing: (he was so cruel at times).


Love Between Fairy and Devil
Esther Yu - Heavenly Realm outfits

Moon Queen outfits

I love her headgear

Xishan Goddess outfit

Dylan Wang - Moon Supreme outfit

the brothers

Mortal Realm outfit

Wedding outfits



where is Yul Brenner when we need him!! ( I know he has passed many years ago)


Hi margaret!

I recently saw him in an old movie where they had this ‘‘fantasy world’’ full of cowboy robots, and he (a robot), and other robots ‘‘malfunction’’ and start killing almost everyone in there. His acting there was superb, but it was so scary to watch. He was a great actor!



I loved him in the KING and I

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Believe in Love

It’s a cute story, so far I love it and I love his outfits and her accessories









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