Opinion on ratings


Can people please stop commenting and giving low ratings on shows just because it’s not available in their country or the subtitles aren’t out? And can they stop complaining about subtitles, being a subtitler myself I know how hard it is to subtitle things in one-two days so I’d like it and appreciate it if people stopped doing that. If you don’t agree then please skip I’m just stating my opinion.


You are right and we have discussed it several times.
The thing is that here mostly volunteers read and viewers who know some English anyway.
Such ratings are flagged, but still count towards the score.


It’s just vexing how the show has a lower rating because of it even if the show is a good one


You’re addressing the wrong audience here, at Viki Discussions. Most of us are volunteers and feel the same way. But it’s good to vent, healthy :grin:


Ya I’m quite aware that only volunteers mostly are here, but I just wanted to point that out because I’m vexed, well yeah it can be called venting, it just occurred to me when I was reading the comments on “So I married the anti-fan” and it was mostly people who are waiting for subtitles (And the comments were literally posted on the same day the ep came out, like it’s hard to sub to any other language than English on the same day).
Anyways yeah I hope more people will get informed about this because its unfair


The ridiculous comments you can report as spam. Same with reviews. With enough people (team members) reporting a comment, it gets sent to revision by some Viki person and removed.

For those more polite comments regarding subs you can post a standardised, albeit lengthy statement written (more, like, buried) in the thread I posted above.

Also, if you need help flagging posts and “reviews”, you can ask for help there, in that thread. There were some quite desperate moderators out there who needed help flagging and found it :wink:


Yes thank you so much!! I just realized there is more we can do than just get angry, I’m going to try flagging this comments and do what you say


Yeah, I get really annoyed when they whine for English subs just when the drama has been released :roll_eyes: I’m not a subber but I know how y’all feel. Like bozoli said, ask for help if the whining gets out of hand. I’m currently working on one show and watching another On Air show, so I usually check through the reviews and comments to flag or reply. Since the replies usually get buried under more whines, I keep copypasting with slight changes so it’s not spam.
Both twinkling and I kept watch over 18 Again when the Viki channel was created but it took months to premiere and even when it premiered, it isn’t available in many regions and has only English subs. It has a 9.3 rating now, something it definitely doesn’t deserve. Could have been worse, so I’m happy.


Is it possible to see replies now in the app? Because some time ago it wasn’t possible. And a shocking number of people access Viki from their phone, not a PC.


Replies are only possible in the comments, not in the ratings. Those whines are NOT deleted.
In the app, the comments are at least next to the ratings, on the pc they are below them.
Usually the users whine in the ratings.


If I’d known about this tool when I use to encourage fellow fans to give more time for subs to be in, I’d have saved myself many needless interactions. Some say this tool is ineffective, but whilst it’s available, I say use it!

Perspective is really key :old_key: Now, whenever I see a struggling fan, often they are new too, requesting subs in the comments, and reviews :sparkles::wink::+1:t5: I’ll just post up this link, with an added comment. :tipping_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ And for others, just flag :triangular_flag_on_post: 'em!


Unfortunately they whine everywhere. The ratings, the comments and also the Timed Comments. Of those, fortunately the TC can be deleted. The ratings can be hidden if many people flag them. But the comments below… Viki intervenes only if they mention another website or something like that.


Subwhining also gets deleted (I’ve seen it done in several shows), but enough people must flag the comments.