Other countries dramas on viki

Apart from dramas available on viki, which other country dramas viki should have and you are most probably looking for?

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some good pak dramas.

Indian dramas

Larkons and Indian dramas

I miss so much thai lakorns :frowning:


I have made up my mind that viki caters to Far Eastern dramas, i.e. Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese. I’m really sorry that the Japanese have been less and then, a trickle and then nothing, but I understand that there are circumstances beyond viki’s control making it difficult.
I don’t particularly care for Chinese dramas (except for some historical ones which have nice costumes, settings and special effects), and I find Taiwanese ones rather “easy and cheap”, if you know what I mean. Like run of the mill telenovelas, or like daily Greek sitcoms (you wouldn’t know what that means, and it’s best you don’t get to know).

I miss them, too! And I search all over the internet for playlists and links to lakorns with english subs :wink:

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I’m afraid, you have watched the wrong taiwanese dramas! There are so many wonderful dramas, neither cheap nor easy! Bromance, Autumn’s Concerto, Summer’s Desire, In time with you, I love you so much, I love you love you love you, just to mention a few examples. Those are really great dramas!

But, it all depends on your personal taste. If you don’t like them, okay, but please don’t belittle them.


Εγώ το έχω πει, η Λάμψη θα έκανε θραύση εδώ μέσα.

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I didn’t give any details but when I say “cheap” I don’t mean they didn’t have a large budget. I meant exaggerated comicity, predictable scenes and - most of the time - mediocre acting.
By the way, I watched Bromance, it was one of the few that I watched from beginning to end. But still… I mean, that “accidental kiss” at the beginning was like the worst k-drama situation, only a bit worse still. I did think the main two actors were very good, especially the woman, what’s her name, Megan Lei? was the most convincing cross-dresser I ever watched in any drama ever. The others were very coarse, though. The poor singer, Bi’s acting was so awkward and wooden that he even started to look less handsome in every scene.
I also saw “Mischievous Kiss” Taiwanese version, and it was more realistic and relatable than the Korean and Japanese, but its production values were a bit poor, and the “incurable illness” thing thrown in with no apparent reason didn’t make any sense.
I did watch another 4-5, of which most I had to stop halfway, I was too irritated by the foolishness.
I’m not saying that k-dramas are always good, far from it! But there have been quite a few gems in later years, and even if they are silly they are mostly well-made.

The good thing about Taiwanese dramas is that they are not as stilted as the Chinese (the acting is a bit more natural), and, compared to k-dramas, the love relationships and interactions are more realistic - none of the infamous lip touch and deer-eyes kisses, for instance.
And they are waay better than, say, Thai dramas - I’ve started some on youtube but… oh dear!

All this of course is purely personal opinion, so, you know, we could be discussing this until next year . We should have seen the very same dramas for the discussion to be meaningful… And even then, as you rightly say, each person has its own tastes.

We really have a different taste! But it would be boring, if everyone would have the same taste :slight_smile:

I love thai dramas, because they are different. I don’t think that chinese dramas are stilted. The accidential kiss was not bad and who could resist those puppy eyes of Bi?

And yes, I’m able to get the meaning of your “cheap”, why shouldn’t I? :confused:

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BTW, Korea has been remaking quite a few Taiwanese dramas like Fated to Love You or In Time With You. I believe this shows already that TW dramas can’t be all that bad.
Have you ever watched the mega hit In A Good Way? This really is one amazing drama. Sadly, Viki lost the license for it.

There are also some really good historical ones like A Touch of Green or Home. It is a shame that they never got subbed and are thus unknown to the international fanbase.


A story or plot may be catchy, clever, and popular, therefore other producers smelling money try to replicate its success. This says nothing on the worth of a drama, though. In some cases, a Korean version of a Japanese story is less good than the original (I’m thinking of Second to Last Love), although the story is more or less the same. The story (synopsis) is important to start with but the screenplay can make it or ruin it.
Yes, undoubtedly there will be some good Taiwanese dramas. I’m sure of that. I may be just have been unlucky in the ones I happened to watch. But the fact is, you know, when you repeatedly try something because your friends insist you should, and each and every time you really dislike it, how many times will you keep trying? Five, six, ten? Twenty? Doesn’t it mean that maybe this particular thing is not for you after all?

Hope to see other countries as before, like Thailand, Indian, Arabic, Turkish dramas…etc.

I don’t know about dramas…but we in Germany have so many crime investigation shows of which some are actually pretty good I’m sure other people would enjoy them too and they are probably not that expensive to license as no on outside Germany watches them anyway…

Oh my! You’re absolutely right! ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ is simply amazing! :heart_eyes:
‘Summer’s Desire’ was a good drama, too.
‘I’m sorry I love you’ (2015), for example, it’s an excellent product, so underestimated by viewers. A very meaningful and deep drama. I loved it so much.

I have tried so hard to find German series, but there’s no way here (Greece), they are not even on the internet community sites (if you know what I mean…). I’ve only found a few episodes of Tatort here and there. And of course no subs and my German is not good enough to watch without subs :-(.

Some countries just don’t export their culture with the same willingness, I guess…

It’s not the lack of willingness, but the lack of demand :slight_smile: German dramas and movies are not so popular in other countries. I only know one huge hit, the series “Derrick” which was sold in over 100 countries. And I only know a few german movies, which were popular in overseas, like “Die Blechtrommel”, “Der bewegte Mann”, “Goodbye, Lenin”, “Lola rennt”, “Das Parfüm”.

For example, SK created the demand. They “aggressively” exported with the Hallyu, so people became aware and demand was created. It’s not just the Germans, I have the same problem with France and other countries.

Some countries are just more extrovert, I guess. :slight_smile:

I would like to see some Scandinavian mystery shows since they are very well written and also like Bollywood shows since I live the music and dancing

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