Overwritten again by paid subber!

In Mental Coach Jegal, I dutifully posted in Team Discussion that I was subbing in 1.1. I generally sub in the segment timer because as the chief editor I also adjust the segments often. Therefore my avatar is in Team Chatter, and in the segtimer. I was still in the seg timer subbing when the paid viki subber started overwriting my subs! I tried to post a note in Team Discussion but as usual Disquus doesn’t allow replies to the paid subber nor saying anything with “subtitle” in it. So I pm’ed her and went to work in another part. She wrote back to me that I should have posted with the % subbed when I left the part.
Rhetorical question, if I haven’t left the part, why should I post a % subbed in Team Discussion? The point was I was actively subbing when she started and if you look at the precise time stamps in Bulk translate you will see my sub was #1 and she was #2 when she started.
So, discretion being the better part of valor, or whatever the Bard said, I exited and worked in another part.
She also overwrote one sub intentionally to add the product placement info to the drama title segment. I routinely eliminate the product placement information, as I do the covid information, as an editor, because I think our viewers are smart enough to catch on that executives don’t eat lunch at Subway every day or that the leading lady loves Swarovski jewelry.
Once again a lame excuse about thinking I had left, but no unconditional staff apology about overwriting. Instead I got gratuitous advice about posting (when I haven’t left yet) that I have left the part.
Last time I got an extremely belated apology but there is still no organizational behavior change in applying the policy which allows running roughshod over volunteers in the desire to satisfy the complaints about subbing speed. Behavioral change is far more important than a lip service apology.
Let’s see how long viki staff allow this thread to be open. Remember viki staff suddenly closed the prior thread about the paid staff overwriting volunteers without any explanation?
Note - I am not naming names nor putting screen shots to prove my point because I may be accused of making “ad hominem” statements. The evidence is there for team members who can access bulk translate in English.


Devil’s advocate here: If you are in Segment Timer, you are not visible in Subtitle Editor, right? Trying to ascertain whether it was a bona fide mistake and she couldn’t guess you were there.


I knew that you could sub in the Segment timer, but I thought nobody practices it. I guess it comes in handy when you’re doing both segment adjustments and subtitling at once. I’m also assuming he/she didn’t know that either.

But, yes, this whole paid-subbers-can’t-be-talked-to is severely irritating. One could avoid so many conflicts.


I always sub in the segment timer as it is inefficient for me not to adjust segments at the same time. I add segments missed by the segmenfs posted in Team Discussion as I usually do that I was in the part. Team Chatter shows anyone in the entire channel and the number currently active. I often instruct newbies to post in TD and to check TD AND Team Chatter. Do I have to teach the viki staff too? I believe all of the viki subbers have access to the segtimer and that they also segment. Altso, if one looks at Team Activity the most recent contribution in any language, and segging or subbing is shown with the elapsed time.


Yes yes, I know that you work from Segment Timer, and it makes perfect sense in your case. (I sometimes also do, but I miss the nice shortcuts!). But let’s say that it’s not the first place that comes to mind to check, if one is subbing. You usually look at whether there is another avatar except yours. I must admit that I never look at Chatter.
Of course what matters is the message posted on TD. Since you did that, they should have checked and seen it.

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If I’m a TE and the drama is not all subtitled, I subtitle in seg timer too.


Well some months ago I and other mods experienced this overwriting or adding subtitles some even didn’t change the meaning but just adding words like “also” or something like this on a finished project that is 6 years old… an English Mod was added I have no clue when and also added lyrics… now what happened the project suddenly appeared in mods’ dashboards as project unfinished.

That person has not contacted the CM nor anyone of the team, I wrote to CM until today no response, she’s not active but did the subathon in spring.

Next, a movie was released to other languages, I subtitled roughly 400 subs and about 15/16 days later out of the blue an English Mod was added and did several changed in subtitles and added some more. - Here also without notifying any mods or subtitlers… and when I edited my subs I noticed this change. When I asked about this I was told it’s not a big deal…

So what I’m saying is that even folks on team do this without letting the team timely know… is this a new practice??? - It’s just so time consuming to redo the subtitles and filling the missing after you already did the work!!

I’m just wondering whether this has also something to do with harvesting subtitles… because some subtitles were just restructured but meaning stayed same… or they stayed the same but added by a new person.

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What you’re describing sounds like abuse?

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