Page/ Cover Designers are needed for this Channels

Hi Vikians! The next Official Channels need a cover designer Urgently if you are interested leave you message here or send me a PM:

Bye, Old Times

Kawaii Matsuri Live Special

Happy Birthday

New Links added, the old ones were not working properly. Titles will be removed as they find designer.

Thank you

Hi there. I was going to send you a message, but viki isn’t letting me send messages so I’ll just write it here. I would love to be the page designer for Happy Times of that year. If you’d accept, please add me as an english moderator for me to put up the design. Thanks!!

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Perfect baby! Thank you!

The channels that find designer will be removed from the list,

Thank you!

New links added, the old links were not working properly.

Hola Nienna

Yo puedo ayudarte con el diseño de pagina para Rock’n Road, me confirmas cualquier cosa ^^.


Hola Kyoko!!! Si! Muchas gracias, ya mismo le informo a la otra mod que es la misma CM y te agrego al equipo para que puedas entrar a la pagina en español!!! :smiley: