Passionate Volunteers

HI guys!

Over the few months I’ve been in Viki, I can call this as my home now that this is why I have a mission (Sounds crazy, I know). My mission is to Revive other channels and make it alive again.

So PLEASE help me!

But I need a team of seggers, subbers and moderators (and also page designers etc…) to help me revive some channels that is been left behind, not popular because they are “Indians”, “Not a Kdrama/Jdrama/ThaiDrama/TaiwanDrama and etc…” and other genre. Viki has given me a chance to handle a channel (not popular indian Movie) named Fugly.

PLease HELP me fellow Volunteers :smiley: Thank you very MUCH!

Edit: I just found out that someone made a bunch of segments that isn’t right. She/he just created a random group of segments. :frowning:

and a bunch of fake subtitles.

I’d like to help with segmenting.

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Report it to Viki, they can remove them and maybe that person will have his/her account suspended for doing this.

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Thank you, I’ve already messaged you


I already told viki about it. The one that segmented is a by passer. But the one who puts subtitles is a viki staff member. I think that would be a problem though. Thank you dudie!

Hello, I could help out with being the Spanish moderator or being a subber for Spanish :smile:

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Really? What a bad example this Viki staffer is giving others then

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hello i can help with french subs , you can add me as subber. thanks

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Hello thank you very much!

I already send you a pm!


Hi thank you!

I already send a pm!


Maybe it is, it is okay for me if his subtitles are right but no, it is not. That’s why I am deleting his subs and the bypasser’s segments all day long I know Viki is doing their best to help and I really really appreciated it… By the way there are no response from Viki ( I use the help center) Are they having problems or there are just many bugs?