People , holiday depression


people I have discovered something, as for watching this drama

I think I have had the experience of that gas light theory, I "allow " people to cut me down, you can’t do it, you aren’t good enough, why try all those things mentioned in this drama kinda struck home yesterday, while watching this. now mind you some of you may not like this at all, thats ok,

wonder if that guy and that other guy are the missing brothers yeah a spoiler there. but anyway, encouragement is the key, just like what the doctor said < I have to work on this myself.

you guys are the only ones I am saying this to, so I MUST work this out somehow,some way

p/s other than that, this is an awesome drama, the lady did get rid of her excess baggage and turned herself around like she used to be. negativity!!! so I got this to work out, so like we all have talked about finding places like gyms, libraries, sewing groups, crochet groups, and thats one reason why I haven’t written my book, too etc etc etc

um these groups here too and yes expecting too much too




I don’t let others WIN - NOT ANY MORE!!!


and thats so true!

an old saying here, don’t let the dictates of others get you down

and thank you kdrama, I needed that today!!



thank you for that!!

I love finding things to encourage & uplift people, I hope this next one does that




and thats me!! again don’t let the dictates of others affect the rest of your life, let it go, release whatever is tying you/ me down!! that drama “dream garden”, kinda eye opener for me!!



Power of Positivity





mirjam, these were awesome, thank you for sharing!!








amen to that one!!



Putting in a smile for this :yarn::thread: thread. The lunar :fireworks::red_gift_envelope::sparkler: New Year is almost here! :bamboo::dizzy:
Video is 2:37 short with English subtitles.


I just gotta get me some!!