People , holiday depression


mine is #10, I like to keep the traditions, but like my son said also, find something else , new, to do and not having high expectations, yeah me too!!! and I will watch the meditation when I get ready for bed.

thanks so much!!!


ahahahaha :If someone comments on your weight, eat them." :laughing: Great advice! (Case of indigestion coming up. - Bad people just aren’t good eating!" :laughing:


And they’re not tasty either. :face_vomiting:




I have other meditations if you like this one! I have another source with meditation stories that are fun!


Well it is also said that after your regular shower you should shower with cold water and try each time to extend the time, this will also strengthen your immunity in particular during winter months, ever heard of Wim Hof the Iceman? Well the ice cures might not be for everyone but the cold does have some benefits. Also doing breathing techniques in the morning will help your body and brain.


If you can’t hug a human hug a tree and imagine how happy a tree will be :heart_eyes: If you see a cat or a dog that is friendly that’s also nice to stroke them. I also experienced paying forward unexpectedly twice at a toll booth when I wanted pay I was told the car before me paid already, so I paid for the one behind me… this was a really nice feeling. I once paid for a coffee to a homeless bad looking guy, and his eyes looked so happy.

It’s the little things that can bring big joy and happiness :heart: saying Hello and smile :wink:


Mary, aren’t there any meetup groups in your area? I’m not sure your city is Raleigh…

and churches might have some meeting groups…


yes, I do watch some on you tube as well, yeah I forgot about hugging a tree! I do pet/stroke my dog,

love doing the pay it forward, even if its a small thing, yeah the little things do bring a smile

simi yes there are meetups here, I just don’t like paying a fee to join those groups, I have been really looking into this since I came back home, I have checked the community area as well. I am still looking into this, I haven’t given up. and as for my church , an example, they don’t havwe any groups, which is a shame, I have a much bigger church right up the road, I know they have a couple of groups. maybe I will look into that one. I was thinking of the senior centers nearby, I havent really looked into that one, and btw, these groups usually want to meet in the evening, and I am not able to drive in the evenings. so theres that. I will re-look into the meet up groups again


Mary, do you journal?


I did the past 4 months, but stopped journelling


I just remembered the City library in my other home town had programs during day… does the city have a community page link, sometimes there might be more info… if you PM me your town I can look next week for you… I’m busy till Monday… with paperwork… hang in there :four_leaf_clover:



Your Daily Hug From Me!!! :heart:


Are you in the US - You can go to your local area and find things where you can SERVE - you can meet people that you never thought you could help or meet - Reading to children - playing games with teens etc etc - REALLY COOL!

Have you tried a knitting group or a group with similar interests as you???
You can usually find groups at your local meeting house (church) but does not have to be that you are religious, your local library, your local music store, your hospitals or children’s preschools. I love reading to children - I actually picked children I knew around the neighborhood area to read Christmas stories to and I packed a little bag - and got books from the library then I went to their house and gathered them to read.

Oh - I also thought what about a walking group??? Sometimes malls have those - I’m going walking right now with a friend and it is the best thing for your mood! :sunny:


I pulled out my gratitude journal and I’m joining you on trying to think of many positive things each day.!!!
I have not opened it since June 2019


maybe I need to reopen mine…


I always think of writing one, but I’m lazy!


Only takes a couple secs a day!!! Just get a pretty notebook and GO!!! Works Wonders!!!



I am pretty much a “Tigger” so here is your HUG for today!! @frustratedwriter


Yeah, I know it gives you a good feel when you read after several years.
It’s not like I have secrets, but I don’t like it if others read it, out of that over thinking habit I quit the habit of writing I started writing when I was 17 yrs old when I stayed away from my parents in the hostel.but I stopped, now after getting inspired by you I think I should start it again.