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Get something that you can LOCK!!! And then you won’t worry about someone reading it!!! Or put it in a lock box - you can get those really easy!

I hope you do! I quit also! So trying to do it again and keep it up!



I put this on for others that think this, but now I know different, thanks y’all for being there for me

oh and you have a computer why not use that instead of a notebook for journelling? no one will read it then


Good point - I just love pencil and paper myself!!! :laughing:



that is what I have heard many times


It’s not the same…

It can work, though, if you prefer it. And if you don’t want to write, you can record your voice instead.



Your Hug for Today


but I know its there!!!


Today’s Hug!!!


I guess this might be almost the same as above message, but I had to share it anyway


ok I am working on ME and getting out of this mood, I have been doing fine these past few days, been motivated to clean stuff, doing the crochet stuff, and yes contacting others as well.
so I really hope everyone is doing great, and not let the holidays get you down


your hug for today!!!

I am cooking - went to yoga - walking with a friend - writing in my gratitude journal
3 things grateful for and 3 things like about myself!

Hope you ALL have a POSTIVE good DAY!


its positive! working on my crocherting stuff


hows that??


Uhhh… I like that one. And Yes, the Holidays are such a terribly depressing period! :rofl: :grimacing:



A virtual hug for you, @frustratedwriter :hugs: and @Vikifam :hugs:
Think about adopting a small pet, perhaps an easy to care for pet? (if you’re allergic to furry ones, there are the almost furless ones). Its company and your care…that would in turn be of help to you.
Be HAPPY & HEALTHY.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: :wave:


If it’s too cold or a shower is too cumbersome or there’s time constraint, just taking a foot bath is good as well. It also reduces depression, among other anxiety-related tensions.


I have a small pet, chiwahwah, and he is an enjoyment for me, I do and will be happy, and healkthy, thank you!!


and how would you know, missy? :laughing: :rofl:


Your Hug Today!!! :love_letter:

Hope your day was ROCKIN !!! @frustratedwriter