People , holiday depression


I have and did, will end with the watch party, can’t wait for that, think the first time to watch it. great way to end a fantabulous day





hugging ya’ll back!


aaaaaahhhhhhh a hug just in time!!!



ok, thanksgiving is over here in the USA, not sure if any other countries celebrate this holiday, I did spend Thanksgiving alone, it was my choice, But I didn’t get depressed or anxious. I had my nice little meal, enjoyed the thanksgiving parade(Macys) and also spent time starting watching Christmas movies, and yes catching up with the K dramas. so here is another little thing other than the above messages. If you are alone, feel like I am ok but not, find someone to talk to!! you do matter and do count! and right here on this page or othere, that cafe is funny , and cute, find something you do enjoy and just do it, I need to get back to crocheting, haven’t done it in a few days. anyway, here ya go, please don’t worry , be happy, and not fake, contact us, all of us love to talk so comeon open up!!! Imay I suggest the drama Its ok not to be ok? I also haven,t watched, and sounds good ot me

find some of those Christmas movies, not the sad ones, theres a bunch out there, find the boy called christmas(Netflix) and amazon prime has a bunch, I am going to do something different, its been mentioned in these other messages, so come on lets do this!!


ok not forgetting this…



just think about it before responding

now which one are YOU feeding???




I actually recently started working out almost daily - I was not utilizing my gym as much as I should have do to fear of making a fool out of myself on some of those machines - but I am doing it now and also attending Yoga classes! Putting music on and walking for 30 min on the treadmill is so nice (I run a little too)!


yes exercising, just a walk etc does wonders, I also am working on that one.


heres another one to think about








Some Christmas Colored Camellias for you!


Someone got this advent jar for me for Christmas! I bought 2 for friends!

(1) thing I was to do was to accomplish just 3 things for the day of goals I have set
(2) to smile - and smile at others (I do this all the time so not hard)