Pinocchio (Korean drama)

WAH!!! who’s excited for this?! i missed lee jong suk wayyyy too much!
i figured here would be a place to talk about it when it airs. hope it doesn’t disappoint! here’s the teasers:

teaser 1

teaser 2

(i only put those because theyre subbed ^ ^)

OH GOD tho his hair T.T lol he looks like a caveman. i still love you jong <3 i will wait for his makeover in the drama, (cuz i know he’ll have one). when he has that make over im sure his character will turn more brave, less geeky and have transformed somehow. he can never look ugly tho xD it just wont happen.

who thinks the two will have chemistry?? at first i wasnt so sure, but after watching the teaser i think this will be so cute ^ ^

park shin gets all the good guys… (1 of the most fortunate girls on earth O.O)

cannot WAIT! to see this on viki xD and all the timmed comments spazzing about jong xD

edit: OMG. can you BELIEVE someone said lee jong suk is ugly?! im all for different opinions but this person must be blind :open_mouth:

funny vid:

one of the comments said this drama will be made from the makers of “i hear your voice”! is this true??? :open_mouth: if so, its going to probably be one heck of a good drama!

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Okay i am gonna be honest okay. I think park shin hye is overrated. I know this may sound like i hate her . NO. i like her and i like her dramas especially flower boy next door. But she is just so emotionless to me. I mean just cold. I don’t know how to describe it. I really hope she can get that chemistry with jong suk because i really love that guy. PLUS we know how he can kiss so i swear don’t mess that up lol

I have the feeling park shin hye always puts a mask on and in comparison to other great actresses in kdrama land i think people are getting hyped over her way too much.

I don’t think i will watch it from the start i might just wait for the end to get others opinion my heart aches i want to see jong suk

Edit : Actually i agree with everything the women in the last episode said lmao she totally got my point.

no no i agree! even though she is my 2nd favorite actress, and i like her shes cute sometimes, and she looks like a sweet person. but (dont bite my head off people) sometimes i see in certain vids and interviews that she shows off a bit. i didnt know she was like that but anyways,i dont hate her. i just agree she is a bit hyped up by people. not that thats a bad thing everyone deserves what they work hard for.i dont know her personally so i cant judge her much but i hope shes okay ^ ^

HAHAHAHA that made me laugh i agree x.D i know she will do her best x) i hope it will work out awesomely! cuz lee jong suk is great <3 and i love him so much too.

i know people get really hyped about her, so i agree but at the same time i dont have anything against her, because she just tries her best and if i was her i wouldnt want to be criticized over my lack of experience or just how they tell me to act. so i agree with what your saying.

haha i know! i got that woman from remembering you telling me she does videos. shes so funny and i agreed with everything she said aswell.

Oh, I can’t wait for this drama. May I join your team? But, honestly I only translate from English into Bahasa Indonesia.

OMG can’t wait for Pinocchio! haha i’m so jealous for shin hye, she can kiss him!!! They will get a couple of course:D haha and yeah i can’t wait for jong suks makeover too. But whatever he does he’s always the cutest boy on earth ^-^ I’m one of the german subbers and thats pretty cool haha because i love this Drama so so so much even if it didn’t start yet:D And when it’s right that it is from the makers of “i hear your voice” than it will become so perfect!!! :o

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Yekk, you’re not alone!!! I have the same opinion. She’s SO overrated.
And good luck about the kissing scenes. No matter how great her leading man on kissing deparment is, she acted like a statue or something. Like, did nothing. NOTHING. Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh…! I’m so frustrated whenever I saw her kissing scenes. The last time was with LMH in Heirs.
The thing is, she always has a great leading man who really can kiss as her partner! Can’t she learn a thing or two from them then? Make it looks real, I mean it’s her JOB as an actress to make it looks real for the viewers.

oh sorry, im not in any teams, but i think you can contact the channel managers and ask them ^ ^

:slight_smile: their names are in the info

AAHHHH mee too girl, omg i love LJS. <3 my heart! he’ll even look gorgeous as a nerdy country boy!! i dont mind being with that at ALL. lol

omgosh i cant wait to see how this drama will be!! usually a drama that’s hyped up because of the actors i usually dont get so excited for but i will hype up this anytime!

i think she had said something like, since she never had much of any real experience on dating and “kissing” that she couldnt do it as good and felt ashamed. i felt bad for her in that cuz i know they dont really allow dating in those industries, so its not her fault. and also the way they direct her to do it too. but anyways, hope the drama AND kisses turn out awesome! xD

I know it’s wishful thinking but I so hope her fake kissing finally did improve. I don’t get it that she’s casted for romance Kdrama where there is kissing… I mean:

Is the in pain here?

OMG no he tried to touch my lips!

I hope pinocchio won’t contain any kissing just so we don’t get to see that awkward fake kissing again. I don’t think she’s a bad actress but it could be better if she fixed this flaw (or just completely stops picking romance Kdrama if it involves kissing). Why does she torture herself all the time?! :confused:

But I’m looking forward seeing Lee Jong Suk again, hopefully it’s a better Kdrama then Doctor Stranger.


were loosing him guys, were loosing him T.T LOL

@liskalee and everyone.

i knew this would happen,when you put to good looking people together. our lee jong suk T.T lol
well, everyone guy always falls for park shin hye. every guy who’s worked with her loves her, and every guy she works with she likes, well, because they always put her with the best guys lol.
when they kiss in the drama, theyre both gonna fall for eachother. i bet you.

well at least this time people might see the “real chemistry” everyone always talks about.

waaaaaahHHHH!!! 1st episode added and subbed!!! so excited
My lee jong suk i have missed you!!
i hope this’ll be an awesome super fantastic drama to end this year kufs,jgfmgsfjgsbbkjg

btw viki, you are awesome! already subbed and out?? wow…

This drama is great. I can’t get over how good it is - definitely would be good for someone just starting to get into dramas, don’t you think?
But, um. That toast kiss. //melt


I really enjoy this drama ! Really great ! Im not disappointed for now. And hope it still going like that !

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yes! i so agree its very good, and that OST!

@mochan @poch

i just i- DEAD ! i couldnt with that. i almost passed out.

I think park shin hye is a great actor in regards to crying scenes haha. Like in Flower Boy Next door, I thought she was amazing, and I fell in love with her as an actor. But then when Heirs came out, I was quite shocked how how terrible the kiss scenes and overall emotionless acting was . I think when she was being emotionless in Flower boy Next door I thought it was apart of her character because the character is supposed to be depressed etc…but nope!

However just from these first couple episodes, I think she is doing great at this new character and I’m really enjoying it. Plus, LJS… :D. I’m excited to say the least.

Omg!!! I love this drama so far… Omg Lee Jong Suk looked so handsome~~~ … I don’t mean to make park shin hye fan’s mad but i will hate this drama if there is a kissing scene and she doesn’t kiss back!!

Exactly! In almost all the dramas I’ve watched with PSH she never kisses back. Not sure if any of you guys have watched The Heirs but all the kisses were soooo cringe-worthy. Lee Jong Suk looks like a really good kisser (as seen from I Hear Your Voice) so I’m hoping she kisses back. :smile:

Is she from a very religious family? Although she has chosen acting as a career maybe she insists that no intimacy be included in scenes.