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Hi guys!

Ang hirap po kasi gumawa ng team in tagalog kaya po gusto kong gumawa ng forum na ito sana po maki cooperate kayo.


  1. Pwedeng maglagay ng link kung saan nangangaylangan ng team.
  2. Pwede mong i-advertise sarili mo just put your name at yung position mo na gusto mo.

I need a team for Angel n Devil :

Please contact me if you’re interested thank you.

hi paano ba mag upload dito ng video then isub english to tagalog?

Alam mo ilang taon na ako dito… Hirap talaga mag moderate ng Tagalog… kahit man ako sinasabihan na ng CM sa ibang channel ko din mag translate… pero mahirap talaga… hay life…

Hi ! I look for an english moderator for the movie Talk Back And You’re Dead.
If you are interested keep me informed in MP.
Take care.

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I created a channel called “On the Wings of Love”. This the new project of JaDine (James Reid & Nadine Lustre). But, if you want to see this drama in Viki. you need to send a request here : This is very important to sudmit that request. Because, it’s thanks to this that we will see the drama in Viki. Of course, I suppose that many of you don’t know about this drama.

The plot :

On the Wings of Love tells the story of Clark Medina, a stubborn, heartbroken, Filipino American boy; and Leah Olivar, a happy-go-lucky Filipina with an American dream, and how their love grew through time, despite bad first impressions toward each other.

Leah grew up in a very poor but happy family. Her mother, Rona went to America to follow her own American dream for her family; a better future. Life is initially well for the Olivars, until a tragedy enters their lives that will prompt Leah to follow in her mother’s footsteps, by way of a choir competition in San Francisco, California. After the contest, Leah will extend her stay in San Francisco to visit her mother’s grave and find a way to legally work in the United States to earn money for her ill father, Sol. To her surprise, Leah will not find her mother’s remains. And as her visa expires, finding a job that will allow her to stay in the US will also be difficult.

With the urging of Jack, the mother of Leah’s ex-boyfriend, Jiggs, and out of desperation, Leah will agree into a fixed marriage to get her work permit. But with Leah’s limited resources, it will be hard for Jack to find her a partner. The only person that will agree to the small amount that Leah is willing to pay and is suitable for the situation is Jack’s nephew, Clark.

Clark has been in San Francisco for the past eleven years, and his life has been full of heartbreaks. He went to the US with his mother Ofelia to be introduced to his American father, but he rejected them. Tragedy doesn’t end there for Clark; soon after, his mother died and Clark was placed into foster homes where he got abused. Because of his love for his siblings in the Philippines, that depends on him, Clark persevered and survived in the US. These misfortunes and responsibilities in life deprived Clark of romantic love.

Leah and Clark initially had bad first impressions of each other, but with Jack’s intervention, Leah and Clark agreed to get married. As they spend time as a fake couple, Leah and Clark must try to learn about each other’s past, quirks, and habits to pass the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) interview. They quickly realize that they can barely tolerate each other, but as time passes, Leah and Clark develop a certain fondness for each other. They also realize that both have the same goals in life, and that is making a better life for their family. They also begin to sympathize with each other, as Leah and Clark reveal their deepest secrets. Soon after, the fake marriage between Leah and Clark will have real feelings of love.

Trailer :

Sina-sub ko ngayon yng Sound of Colors, may interesado bang tumulong?

Hi, kamusta kayo.
Matagal nako sa viki pero ngayon palang ako sumasali sa mga pag translate or pag segment ng video. Hindi ako masyado nagttraslate kasi napansin ko yung tagalog masyadong malalim. Na ako mismo minsan diko maintindihan… Mas maganda sana kung mag translate tayo yung normal ba na ginagamit natin. Kasi parang mahirap pag malalim saka hindi na babasahin ng ibang mga pilipino kasi mahirapan lalo sila pag malalim.

Hello everyone !

I think it would be great if we gather all the people that can translate tagalog to english and the editors here. And maybe be reach out more languages moderators.
Anyway, i’m interested to translate pinoy projects.

Sorry, maybe it’s what you said ? I don’t speak tagalog so…

Regards !

Hi there! I just started translating from English to Tagalog for kdramas.
I can definitely translate Tagalog to English :slight_smile:

I’ve been checking once in a while I am an active Tagalog moderator and i have lots of “hanging” drama series needed to be subbed in Tagalog.
You’re right viikcy_w - it will be great if we could reach out to others to sub Tagalog and helping each other. Doing the drama series on your own is really quite hard…

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Why don’t we add each other so we can make a team as in a solid team!! Then we can request for Tagalog series!! Since some of you don’t know how to speak/write in Tagalog but willing to help, you can have the position of an editor in English. Then, we recruit more subbers and segmenters.

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You can add me. I can do translations from English to Tagalog… Subber only… Though I’m moderator for quite sometime. Be willing to help to others even 1 part is okay.
Right now I’m doing the series W for current. If one of you wants to help me.

Hi, I will add you :slight_smile: I realize that most of the moderators in Tagalog are alone in doing the translation. I discover this since I join one project and I don’t see anyone there helping me only the moderator and I alone Lol. This is the reason why so many series cannot have 100% sub in Tagalog. Manpower is highly needed. I believe if we just have same project, It will be more fun. That’s why I want all of us to add each others. Maybe in future we can work as one.

True… among moderators… you will end up 50 episodes doing it by yourself. As much as I want to translate all… that’s the true life story of moderators.
You will be lucky enough to get 5 to 6 team in your team… and you finish it all right away…

That’s too much for 1 person to carry it all alone. It’s really best that we all know each other since Tagalog Subbers can be counted on the fingers. We are so few yet no doubt in our sincerity to help in translation. We just need to finish all our current projects and do a one project altogether. We need to unite so we can standardize our translation. There are many English words that no necessary translation in Tagalog. And I want them to be on the list so we can be effective as a Tagalog Subbers. We will all have the same kind of standard translation in our own language. I know, it’s difficult, but if we work as one nothing is impossible for us. I add you :slight_smile: we can all be friends so let us all add our fellows Pilipino.

True I noticed that each Tagalog Moderator have their own standards about translations.
Well I’m so lenient about it. In due respect with each subber not offend them. If I set my rules.

But I guess you have a good point, to have a standardization about translation in Tagalog. Be willing to be part of it. So it won;t be confusing for the subber. Because I’ve been waiting Filipino to be friends with and help each other, just liike what you said. Uplifting “GAWA NG PINOY!”

If we want those series it needed to be requested instead of posting another site here. It’s disrespectful for Viki please remove them. Thank you

I am always right here!

And I agree din, minsan di ko alam translation of most words and then I always end up mental blocked. Pero nakaka relate ako sa iba dito, na eexperience ko kasi na ako moderator, ako lang din nag susub. Maghahanap ako ng subbers, yung iba actived 1 year ago.

I’m here if you need me. Moderator din ako sa ilang mga projects ko at ako nga lang ang nagiisa kaya mahairap icomplete yung subtitle for one episode. Minsan nga ilang days ko pa natatapos isang ep eh. Ang hirap po kasi kung wala helper sa pag subtitle. :slight_smile: