Please Stop This Super-Villain -One Giant Garbage/Machine-Translated Bengali Subber at Viki! :( :(


Thanks so much for reporting! I’m still gathering proofs (screenshot of Bengali sub+match with machine translation!) …W, I Hear Your Voice, Healer, Oh My Venus, Mask, King of High School… so huge list…I’m really exhausted :frowning:


Latest Update- So far I’ve detected and counted- 34,644 machine translated-mostly meaningless Bengali subs… the greatest language fraud I have ever imagined!..o,Lord,where are you?! Even 40k-50k isn’t impossible actually…But exhausted me’s stopped checking and counting here! :frowning:


You don’t need to find them all! If they see some instances from 3-4 shows it’s enough to understand the situation.


Many many thanks! :slight_smile: - I’ve just reported that subber with proofs from 9 various shows that I collected- also finished writing a note for social network- as I wish to call Bengali community now for reporting soon :slight_smile:


Have you put new subs in ep 1-5? I can’t do an all delete Bengali subs now if you have subbed them. Sorry.


You both can save the subs for those episodes (using and then copy paste them back again.
It’s a hassle, but easier than deleting the abuser’s subs one by one, I think.


There’s a mass delete for CM. I was reluctant to use it until viki has been imformed. I think rifat_kabir has reported it. I will be deleting ALL the subs for a single episode at a time.

I am not going to do save the subs too much of a hassle- the abuser one I mean. But man all those people doing machine translations. And then viki help center takes months to answer.


Wait! I thought that the CM can delete ALL the subs of a certain language (below) but I thought it was for the whole drama, not only a particular episode. I don’t dare to try it, but if it’s true that’s great information!


As I’ve informed CM @ck1oz via PM - I didn’t touch first episodes(ep1-6) that included machine translated subs, only did subbing in ep 12 and 13 so far. I reported via flag option in user’s page and also sent a reporting mail to As I’ve sent all my complains and evidence snapshots to Viki authority, so wish that they would take effective action soon.
Thanks a lot to @irmar for kind guidance, Although there’s not that visible and reliable Bengali community around me @Viki (even yesterday I got another fraud Bengali subber, but her total is 1k+ and last active about 11 months ago, so didn’t wanna report right then!) , but I didn’t feel alone for a moment :slight_smile: …Now as I wrote a note in a social networking site, around 10 from Bengali community informed me that they did reporting against abuser-subber, I’ve done with informing some respectable managers of affected channels too…so I think- the rest is rested upon dear viki authority! … thanks to all, Eid Mubarak to all :slight_smile:


Hello Viki Community,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, and thank you @rifat_kabir for writing into the Help Center and providing detailed information. After further investigation, we will be removing the user’s Bengali contributions to the following shows:

My Love From The Star
King of High School
I Hear Your Voice
Oh My Venus
Scholar Who Walks The Night
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

I will also be reaching out to the Channel Managers to each of these shows to make sure that they know.

Thank you!

Viki Community Team


Thanks a lot! So early and prompt response! :smile: Viki is so awesome! I’m expressing my heartiest gratitude on the behalf of Bengali community. :slight_smile:


Hello @camiille,
Today I just did a thorough checkup over that subber’s major contributions and found more 2 channels affected by her machine translated Bengali sub!
New proofs- Secret Hotel ( ) -

3058 Bengali subs
ep01- 00:01:19,290 --> 00:01:21,930 -
ep01- 00:01:34,900 --> 00:01:40,230
ep02- 00:01:22,560 --> 00:01:27,600 -

Hyde,Jekyll,Me -
4890 subs
ep01- 00:03:49,020 --> 00:03:56,040 -
ep01- 00:05:16,030 --> 00:05:18,710 -

Another machine translated Bengali subber (found by random Bengali volunteer search) seemed to get emerged!
Please take care of her contribution if she comes back again!
Sing a Song of Six Pants -
ep01 - 01:06 -

Thanks again for taking rapid action. I just checked- previous contributions that I mentioned as machine translated are gradually being removed- so nothing to hurry and worry, I know for sure, all those garbage translation will be deleted someday. :slight_smile: So I hope this would be my last report against machine translated Bengali subs- at least for now! :slight_smile:



Hi @rifat_kabir,

Thank you for taking the time to do this and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention! I saw your Help Center ticket as well. I’m adding this to the log of Bengali subs so far and passing it along to the respective team that is taking care of this issue.

Viki Community Team


Hello all,
Just letting you know that all Bengali Subtitles from Mask channel have been successfully removed at all.
Thank you for reporting this issue!


Hello @camiille,
I reported to Viki authority against that machine translated Bengali subber, it was so pain-staking to gather those proofs- then so many days have been passed, but what the heck has happened? The subber is still working with Bengali sub!!! - Also thousands of pathetic-reported subs are not deleted yet!! So the guilt wasn’t proved- did all my efforts of stopping such machine translation ultimately go in vain? I trusted you- Viki! :frowning: :disappointed: :disappointed:


Hi @rifat_kabir,

Thank you for your follow up! We are working on this issue. I have reached out to you via PM in regards to this.

Viki Community Team


@camiille Just ban the user and delete all subs this person made. This is exactly why many don’t even bother to report to Viki because Viki doesn’t take proper action most of the time.


I’ve got msg from @camiille - thanks again! Just checked now- a while ago- the subber was writing "so sweet,so meaningful " Bengali subs in my damn favorite “My Love from the Star” show! Okay- I will just PM channel manager and hold patience!


By the way, you may want to know that your favorite show is going to disappear from Viki, because the license has expired.


@irmar - a few days ago- when I found your recent comment below “MLFTS” show,I got shocked and immediately applied for renewal of license! And then read the most of discussion about expiring licenses of so many! Although they’re still available in my region, many are yet to check…so many classics shouldn’t be gone forever (in any region!), then the recent ones will be gone away someday! …Still, hoping for the best!