Plot/storyline you would like to see in an upcoming korean drama

Year 2013 gave us some very good dramas such as I hear your voice, Secret and My love from another star with unique storyline and on screen chemistry and I hope 2014 does the same thing. So let’s hope that we will have the opportunity to see some good and fresh stuff in the future but if you could choose to see a new drama, what plot would you want it to have?

I would like to see a melodrama about revenge and misunderstanding. About a girl and a boy, best friends who pretend to be together for his parents sake…but there is a twist…the boy commits suicide and everyone blames the girl for this, especially his older brother who will do anything to make her pay. There is another twist…the girl was in love from the beginning with the older brother and the younger knew about this but he didn’t care. He was gay and in fact the reason he committed suicide wasn’t because of her, it was because of another man whom she tries to find. This is the reason she can’t tell anyone she isn’t guilty for the boy’s suicide, because this would mean telling everyone that he was gay and upsetting his family. How will the older brother react when he finds the truth? And will he be able to love her back?

I know this might sound childish to you but I like inventing stories in my mind and hope for them to be made in a movie. That’s why I invite you to let your imagination free and let everyone know what your ideal plot/storyline is.

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Honestly this wouldn’t be a bad drama

I swear I can´t watch dramas anymore with a bad ending , maybe I need a break from dramas like that.You know the dramas who are so good and just awesome and then the writers think they could drink a little bit alcohol or take drugs and mess up the whole ending. So we who watch them are just like


You are right about this…a bad ending would suck but if we keep alcohol and drugs away from the Writer and PD maybe we can get our happy ending.
But I’m curious about your favorite storyline…I guess you would chose a comedy, right? Just to stay safe :smile:

No actually I don’t have a favorite storyline … For example 49 Days and Gu family book are my favorite dramas and the end of both isn’t very happy …
There are dramas , where it has to be a ba´´sad ending and where a happy ending wouldn’t match.
And there are dramas where a bad Ending or a open ending that doesn’t suit the drama at all like Marry him if you dare or Nice Guy.
I like Nice Guy but the ending was just a mess…

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LOLOLOL u guys xD that is actually a very good plot and really interesting!!

become a kdrama director XD or writer of the script.whatever its called : P

i dont have much ideas, but believe it or not,even though we have allot of them already, i would like either another gender bender,or another young highschool love like heartstrings or to the beautiful you!! but this time, i dont want the guy to be mean and hate her and then fall for her like the cliche typical kdrama (even though i love it ^ ^) i want him to be nice, and just not realize he likes her yet, and she likes him since FOREVER, and then somehow he realizes that he has feelings for her and starts to take notice.
i want more then two guys to like her, i want like 3 or 4 guys to like her, they are all cute and she has some feelings for all of them to make it difficult xD and i want her to at least kiss one of them that she will reject later on,because i feel bad for the guy(s) and i want her to have a strong connection with them. like in boys over flowers when ji hoo kissed jan di , only i want her to kiss him back and not reject him straight after,cuz how sad that would be for that guy!! i mean, if shes gonna end up with the lead,at least give the other guy a chance and some love!

i know it sounds cliche for the typical dramas that we’ve seen but,i want the drama to be about either of these:

  • highschool/college(i like highschool tho)
  • music
  • a girl moves somewhere for the summer and has a summer job and her next door neighbors are two cute guys (they could be childhood friends) and maybe before when she was younger and spent her time with them, she was unattractive and then now is beautiful and they have a different view about her because she’s changed,like theyve never seen her in this way,and now the triangles-pentagons will start HAHA xD
  • a girl asks an older guy she meets to be her coach to get this guy she has had a crush on forever thats the same age as her who doesnt like her,but as she starts taking tips from the older guy,and her crush starts to fall for her,only until the dating tips put her to fall for her dating coach(the older guy). and before he(older guy) agrees to help her love life,he makes her promise not to fall for him in the process.
  • a girl falls for a popstar (another 20’s xD ) and he falls for her too

well,these are just some of my ideas so far… not sure if they are okay,but I would like to see them.

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I have an idea for your plot about the older guy teaching the girl how to win the heart of the boy she likes. In this case I think a mid-lenght drama remake of the movie “Seducing mr.perfect” would be awesome.

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ahh! ive never seen it! is it like that!?! xD i would so watch it if it would be.

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You will love it but be careful because the lead actor is very very hot and you might fall in love with him… :slight_smile:
It’s the best romantic comedy movie I have ever watched.

: O OMGG imma have to watch it noww… AHH!! thanks for letting me knowwww ahh!!! (i get excited for these things lol) xDDD i love it that hes hot yes!!! they have to be or else i cant watch HAHAHAHA xD imma check it out right NOW.

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Omggg a longer 20’s with Gikwang plsssss

but for the first one girl

Do you know how we will end up when 4 guys love one girl? Omg this reminds me of Fashion King …
We will hate that fact and we will hate the main actress bcs she will always be in the middle of them and will break the heart of all of them…

But the other ones

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Another Oppa??

I will definitely watch it too hahaha


HAHAHAHA XD BUT THERE HAS TO BE DRAMA!!! if we already know how its gonna go and who she’ll end up with it boring!!! i mean, she shoulda had a good kiss with jihoo,like forealz. T.T

but well,everyone has there opinions xD… I STILL WANT FOUR GUYS!! hahaha
i dont know what fashion king is but i heard it has a bad ending so…

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Girl haha believe me
Imagine It would be Beast and they all love one Girl … WHAT WOULD YOU DO HMMMMMMM??

I LOVE YOU hahahahhahahahaha

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i would tell her to :

lol it would be an interesting drama tho… can i star it??
if u would star in that wouldnt u LOVE IT!!


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and I was like

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okay im watching it… he just came out the car with his shades. I ALREADY LOVE HIM.

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then look at him back like this :

lololololololol x.D im glad i made u laugh xDDD
cuz making u laugh makes ME LAUGH !!!

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AHHAHAAHAHHAAH girl he is not even 3 years old hahahhaha his face was like the eyes!!!

hahahahhahaa I looked back like that

And I think he was like


OMG…you girls are so funny…Hope you enjoy the movie. I will wait for you here so when you’re done come and tell me how was it…

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i liked the movie my boyfriend is type B . ever watched that 1? its really funny and i love the leads.

okay so i wish he would speak more korean T.T but wat evers

JUST FINISHED IT!!! AWWWWW T.T i LOVED it xD thank uuu for ur request!! but why that ending? LOL

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