Pls take in consideration other languages

Hi everybody !

Just to be clear i’m not going to blame anyone in this post. I just want to share feelings that me and my friends got this days.

On a drama some english team are really fast they translate more than 50 épisodes in one week, their work is done so they keep going on other drama.

But us, other langages we wait the english edition which sometimes never come. For exemple we are stuck in X épisode till 1 month and nothing moove. Till it’s not a “hype” drama people taking to much their time or give up the drama, but after you, their is tons of subbers or moderator who waiting for you…

I understand people have life and other drama. But with my friends we got some feeling the english team rush the subbs and leave the drama forgetting the other languages.

Their some consequences:

  • Viewers negatives comment like " english team finish to translate till one month, why it’s not subb in my langage ?"
  • Our subbers leave the drama or are not motivate anymore or got an other project/ things to do, i mean at the beginning you’re always motivate but when u wait 2 month or forever for translate, u don’t want to do something anymore.
  • So we finish the drama with 2 subbers, when it’s a short drama it’s okay but when it’s 50+ épisode that’s not

Please i know u have life, other drama and everything but when u take a project even if english team already end the drama pls think about other language/ viewers who waiting the go.

Thanks a lot for your understanding, i’m not telling it’s always like that but…mostly like that. I don’t want start a war of something, just pls take in consideration when u’re done with a drama u have tons of people who waiting after you.



Some older dramas are fully subbed, but editing has stopped for months. After some time, the other languages teams have to finish or abandon a project, it can’t stay in limbo forever.

Also, many viewers say “I don’t care for accuracy, I just want to know what they’re talking about”. Something that may be good a viewer will be too difficult for a subber to work with. I understand rushing subs because people ask (nicely and not-so-nicely), but poor subs are a curse for everyone else volunteering. I had to work in some really, really poorly subbed dramas and it was the worst experience, nothing made sense and almost half my time was wasted.

I don’t believe there is any team on Viki that translates 50 eps a week, so which team is it? They are awesome!

Also if the editing takes weeks or months your translation team can decide to just go ahead with subbing and then check later if something needs to be fixed after the edit of the English team. The rule to wait till the English is edited and released for other languages is only there so the other languages don’t have to keep rechecking if anything is changed because that’s simply a lot of work. Also some teams don’t do that resulting in a wrong translations here and there if the English sub was wrong before editing process.

So in short it’s best to follow the rule as it saves you work on rechecking but if the editing takes weeks or months you can decide to go ahead and risk some extra work later on.


I was actually thinking the same thing. I mean, I had a GREAT TEAM that did 50 in a month, yes. :slight_smile:

But…50 eps from Anything Asian to English in a week? wow.

Ah well. Back to editing so Other Languages may continue forward. :).

Moa Desaym

That has to be a typo, right? No team can do 50 episodes a week. :slight_smile:

Woah 50 episodes in a week? That’s awesome! Honestly, this is a problem for me too cause the English team would take a long time before releasing the episode for other languages. In Arabic, it’s even worse cause the people start swearing the heck out of us and it isn’t really our fault :confused: . English teams shouldn’t take more than 5 days editing the subs ( at most really).