Podcast related to Viki community members

Well, if you want to be a part of the podcast team, you can join our non-official discord server.(please inform me or @bozoli if you are interested) If you don’t want to join discord now, please contact me or @bozoli so we can inform you when we re-start our activities. Also, thankyou very much for taking the initiative, and I am sorry about your Music Career. But I do hope you find a new dream again. And before that, may I know if you contribute to the Viki Community as a Volunteer? :smile:

Best regards


Hi, I’m already at discord server I just joined yesterday night. Thank you it will help me so much to know when you restart your activities cause really dramatic in order my time lol. I am volunteer subtitling From English to Spanish I’m trying to get Experience as in English editor but I’m working on it.


Do you have access to whole server, I mean can you see the messages of volunteers? If not, I request you to verify yourself in the server. I am not able to find you at server. when you join the server successfully, please mention me so I can help you further.



I just got verified Coffe_for_free#3694 that is my I D there


How’s the podcast coming along?