Portrait of a segmenting abuser

UPDATE: Viki staff have suspended the user and deleted her work. Hurray!

Prior post: Today a qualified contributor reported to me that someone invaded Chongdam-dong Alice and had put in a lot of segments. I checked and Episode 6 which was completed years ago was down to 72% because of the 490 segments the person put in and are of course unsubbed. https://www.viki.com/users/117531205_com_451 . (The segment count is down because of my deletions). This is what the segments look like: . This person also subbed in Croatian on Alice and two other channels for which I am channel manager but her name does not appear on the team at all!!! And she put the subs in the Serbian sub editor.


Viki should lock timers automatically of old drama that has been completed. When this aired there was no lock yet I think. Then stuff like this won’t happen.


Yes-- and people can still sub on channels which don’t have an appointed moderator unless viki “closes” the channel. So anyone who is appointed channel manager-- immediately write to viki staff and ask that the channel be “closed.” That’s how you sometimes see people whom no one added to the team subbing.


That sucks :frowning:
Some people feign ignorance when you point out to them that they are abusing the system.
Did you report the segmenter?

True! Even if you show them the viki’s rules, write by viki itself, some of them say they had the right if it was open. They say they are not in wrong. Funny, right? (Some don’t know what they are doing, but some are aware…) But maybe they’re right somehow (for not finished channel), why does viki let episodes open otherwise? Why all channel are not Designated Channel? (Well, quality where are you? Oh, not there…)


I’m a Croatian and Serbian speaking moderator, so I took a look. The few subs she created in episode 5 may have been copied from Serbo-Croatian, since the show has been completely translated to that language by my colleague. However, this can also be GT, since the subs inputed were brief.

In all places she subbed was never as a registered subber on a team, I’d say most dramas were actually designated channels, then how would she write subs without being on the rooster/team??
She is only on one drama registered subtitler My Mister Mermaid with 0 subs.

@feyfayer I flagged her profile and also emailed the viki staff about her. Where I could delete all 'Serbian" on an episode (i.e., no true Serbian subber had worked on an episode), I removed the subtitles because they weren’t Serbian anyway. And thankfully a legitimate Serbian subber had overwritten the abuser’s subtitles on one channel.

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Also, the “Lock segments” setting doesn’t work. You lock them and you (or anybody else) can still work on them.

Yep, noticed that too :cry:

I think the “lock” will ONLY allow designated segmenters and moderators on the channel to adjust segments. At least that’s how it is supposed to work. Today I went through all of my channels and found a few which had a few episodes not yet locked but fortunately there were no segments added.


This screenshot is what I expect from a typical abuser/hacker who is not a QC or segmenter in nssa.