How to spot an abuser

Here are previous discussions about abusers with sometimes screens to help you find how it looks like in case it will happen/is happening in a drama you are volunteering (segments or subtitles or CM/moderation roles):

Abusers on "top volunteers this week"
Subtitle and Segment Abusers
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Portrait of a segmenting abuser
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Channel Manager Abuse

By reading these posts, you will understand what an abuser is.

  • If you are in contact with an abuser, think carefully about the reason why they might do such a thing and hear the reason they give. Be careful not to believe anything anyone could say to you (anyone is anyone).

Why? You don’t know anyone on the web. I could tell you I’m a policeman, can you check my gender or my job? So why would you believe me bluntly when I explained why I did abusive contributions?

A quote from a blog on the movie “Searching” (2018) when a dad discovers the online activity of her kidnapped daughter:
"The online and offline worlds are two completely different realms. You may think you know someone, your friend from school, your coworker, your daughter, but they’re a stranger on the web, and you don’t know anything about them. And of course, vice versa when you think you know your “Facebook friend.”

  • Creating a post here could help you seek community’s guidance since some contributors have met abusers in the past and are experienced with abusers explanations.
  • Report the user when you see there is an abusive activity and take screenshots on the video it happened, links and also the abuser contributions on their profile.
  • Contact CM, moderators in question (abusive subtitling).