Post Your FAVORITE Water Scenes - Ya know - shower, waterfall, bath WHATEVER!


The suicide rescue scene from The Undateables was hilarious, Hwang Jung Eum’s over exaggerated comedy not so much.


Park Seo Joon, in Secretary Kim, gets my vote. I thanked the director out loud when that scene came on (and the second one… was there even a third shower scene?). My husband chuckled.


I love his godly body​:joy::joy::joy:


Photo CTTO

Man - oh Man -


His character drove me bonkers but when this scene came on I was like helllooooo :flushed:


The Tale of Nokdu has many memorable water scenes.

Funny Moment

Fishing scene

Another funny moment

And of course kissing in the rain


I love Tale of Nokdu! And they are now in my Kiss Collection and my Umbrella Collection for that kiss in the rain - I have not gotten there yet - I just watched the village get burned - their first sweet kiss where they got caught! Whoosh he’s a cutie.


Blame that on the Director/Directors of the drama: The Undatables. If you watch certain clips of the ‘‘rehearsal’’ the Director wants over and over again that she exaggerates her scenes. At one point it was her laughter which went overboard causing the actress to have such a sad face at one point bc it was obvious she wasn’t happy about the exaggeration on that specific scenes.

I don’t understand why these Asian actors are so submissive and don’t put their foot down at some point (especially the female actress). I had to stop watching ‘‘previews’’ bc it got my BP up from the anger. Even the ML had to do exaggerated facial expressions so I stopped watching the drama in hope these actor/actress learn that their input is important too.


Haha, petty 1st lead, when the guys didn’t get slow motion and didn’t had to look too perfect …