Post Your FAVORITE Water Scenes - Ya know - shower, waterfall, bath WHATEVER!


The Brightest Star in the Sky has a couple different shower scenes, plus some other water scenes, but I can’t, for the life of me, find any video or gifs of these scenes. :rage:


Welp That Works for ME!



As much as I love a good underwater kiss, and as much as I love this couple, this underwater ‘kiss’ was pretty ridiculous and completely unnecessary. :rofl: I love the rest of the scene after, though. LOL



and another take from Legend of Fuyao take notice it stopped raining halfways when they jumped of the cliff :rofl:


Have you watched that drama? He has a couple different shower scenes, too. He’s definitely not afraid to take that shirt off. :blush:


Nope Adding to my List!! It keeps growing and growing and growing!


I have yet to see one, a good kiss out of water isn’t easy, let alone one underwater. It’s never a smooth movement, and this counts rather under a lifesaving measure than a kiss.


Wookie can save me anyday!


Wow, that’s a good one.


Yes, the ‘underwater kiss’ is pretty much always for life saving measures, but most others I have seen have been pulled off way better than the one in Brightest Star. He was standing in the pool, for crying out loud, couldn’t he have just turned her over to do the mouth to mouth resuscitation. LOL


Not as cute I guess


You and I think alike but the production/writer whoever thought differently and created a well, only someone who closes the eyes might find it thrilling … I suppose.


DOOM is in the SHOWER cutie - What drama is this??? Smile Has Left Your Eyes???


You guys! This cracks me up - Maybe there was water SOMEWHERE! She is my FRIEND!
These writers will do anything to show off Chocolate Abs! hahahaha!


I think he may have been sweaty after a long shift. Does that count? :laughing:


You guys have me looking for SHOWER scenes! Stop girl STOP


Refresh Man

True Beauty - after shower - Sooo funny

Uncontrollaby Found - after - BS


2:21 in and Marcus Chang in the RAIN!!!


Oh and of course WONHO in the rain…yes please

2:14 in