Post Your FAVORITE Water Scenes - Ya know - shower, waterfall, bath WHATEVER!


Vincenzo - Song Joong Ki
High Society - Park Hyung Sik

Woo Do Hwan - My Country
Nam Joo Hyuk - Bride of the Water God

Post Videos - Gifs - Photos WHATEVER! Keeping it Clean! No Pun Intended
Something Fun for a Change!

@frustratedwriter look I did it


Damn, I love his GODLY Voice!


I am starting to think we need a best kisser voting thread! Wookie might WIN!


A funny scene from a not as funny drama

I have not seen this drama but just came across this video

Not watched either


I ENJOYED those immensely!


Ok - that’s on Viki sorry about the thumbnail - Ji Sub - Oh My Venus have to click on the link

My Love from a Star - Kim Soo Hyun

Park Seo Joon - What Wrong Secretary Kim and She is Pretty

Jang Hyuk is so Funny - Fated to Love You

Gentleman’s Dignity - Jang Dong Gun


:stop_sign: Hold it right there! :smile:

:medal_sports: :ribbon: :trophy: before you do :sparkles::wink: make sure to watch Lee Jong Suk in “I Hear Your Voice” with Lee Bo Young Kissing scenes


Am I being challenged to start another thread on “BEST KISSER” hahahahahahahaha! I have several I want to nominate!

Well he had me at “hello” in W



Ok This is “NEAR” water! and they are eating ice cream! I am not sure what is going on but it’s kinda messy and sexy in the same moment! bahahahahahaha!

“Full House”


I’m thinking of calling the next thread "KING OF KISS"


They are filming a commercial, the previous day she was tense and couldn’t get into the scene, they spent yesterday bonding & he suggested they pretend to be who they want to be (basically pretend that they really love each other.) I love this kiss, I like the Thai Full House more than the Korean one.

How can no one have posted the K2 shower fight?

There was another water scene I was thinking of, but I forgot which while looking for the K2 clip. If I remember I can post it later.


I weill have to look, re check and all, will get back to you.


He is so bad!@# in K2 - I have not watched it yet


… adding some more water …

not a nice one but one that added a lot of tension in Flower of Evil, be cautious, if you don’t like to watch violence - don’t watch it at all

Not watched yet




:rofl: Nice one @sweetybirdtoo, who wouldn’t forget, with such prime :fire: bods :star_struck: :ok_woman:t5:‍♀ :heart_eyes:showing up in one clip.:joy::laughing::rofl: No worries mate :sparkles::wink::ok_hand:t5:


Legend of Fuyao :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :fire: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:
I never got tired of hearing him say Yatou! OMG! :star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:


I think Mr. Queen has the best water scenes :rofl:



He jumps in to save her - I love this couple so much

Un-Aired Scene