Problem needs quick fix, Viki


Hello everyone , I wonder if this problem only occurs in my language or other languages? When I watched the translated of the 1st episode of (I Hate You Juliet) & found that there is something wrong with it, even though we separate between 2 different line & it shows in the sub editor screen but on the actual video, all the character’s lines shows at the same line beside the punctuation marks that shows at the beginning of the sentence instead of the end & this also happened in the English subs, I’m not sure if there is a way to fix this.
This is also quoted from my colleague here :disappointed: This problem existed two years ago and was solved and the translation returned normal so I hope it does not take long to solve :relaxed:


So the < br > code doesn’t work?

Have you filed a request on the Viki community support?

It’s fine in my language on an old subbed episode of something else.

And this is what I see for that particular subtitle you have shown:

So it might be your browser or the operating system or the combination of both. I’m using Chrome here, v72.


I use a mozilla firefox and I get the same picture as you @bozoli


What shows up for you is correct. Arabic is written from right-to-left and it shows up properly on your end.
Mine is good too.

@hmk_201288_223: Maybe something is wrong with the browser you use.


I am using Firefox 7, this has not happened to me but probably due to updates to the browser. Thank God if it was normal for others from the fans, we did not waste our effort in vain :relaxed:


نعم عزيزتي :slight_smile: ربما بسبب تحديثات المتصفح الأخيرة لدي ، الحمدلله أنها بخير للمشاهدين


Maybe you should update to Firefox Quantum (Version 65), which is what I currently use. Firefox 7 is from 2011, which 8 years old.


I noticed that the direction of the Arabic text flips when using learn mode.


So, i am a qualified contribuitor but i can’t seem to subtitle a show i am moderator on. It said that the show is not available on my country but isn´t the title of qualified contribuitor suposed to avoid that?

Can anyone help me with that??


Hi! @balalaika_97
When the license for a drama ends in your region and the channel is not accessible to you, then that’s it.
The only technical thing could be a bug, but since many licenses changed in the past weeks I guess the possibility is rather small for that.
If you want to make sure, you should write a request to Viki.
Don’t be surprised, if the reply takes a bit longer.
Sorry, I couldn’t give you any better update.

P.S. - almost forgot, maybe you want to follow this post


No no i am very thankfull for your answer @lutra. Actually i have been very busy with college so i couldn’t keep up with was happening here at viki. So much had changed.
But i still this is really unfair. i wanted to continue my work at a drama, and now i cant´ even see my work…
Well thanks for answering me :slight_smile: