Problem: Subtitle box not customizable viki tv app on android tv

hi i just got a new android tv, so i was finally able to download the viki tv app but now i see that the subtitle box is white text with a black box around it, and i tried to adjust that to make the black more transparent but that doesn’t work, it just remains a completely black box around the text, even if i chance the white text to yellow, it wont chance, it will just stay white text with a black sollid box arround it, i just can’t chance it.
Anyone else having this problem? and does anyone know how i can fix this?

Does your TV have an internet browser? I started using VIKI via a Fire Tv Stick, but it has zero options for subtitle customisation sadly and after watching so many shows on Netflix with the clean white text I can’t stand the black box around subtitles, it feels so dated.

So I have started to use VIKI on my Fire TV via the web browser which means I get access to all the subtitle options etc. Much better in my opinion:)

Hi @fabienneodding

The Viki app is designed to follow the android system settings with respect to subtitles, so the appearance of subtitles will be customisable to the extent that the android TV system settings allow. The same goes for Amazon fire TV devices. Although the settings are found in a different place to what I have indicated below as the operating system is slightly different on fire devices. It would be helpful if Viki made the fact that you can customise subtitle appearance a bit more obvious.

The settings are usually found in

Settings > device preferences > accessibility > captions

Hope this helps :grinning:

Hi @mrbungle85_573

The subtitle appearance options and fire TV devices can be accessed as follows

Settings > accessibility > subtitle

In here you should find a number of customisation options and if I remember correctly. The Viki will follow the options you choose

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Ah that’s excellent @command_234 :slight_smile:

That is really helpful. I never realised that the settings for the Fire TV stuff in there was a global settings. Thanks so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Does this conversation from the Help Center make it clear for you?

LOL Yes, once again forgot the link was in a hurry, so now …
It’s not much though.

I think you intended to put the link there didn’t you @lutra

Nice to see that it’s not just me that forgets to put links in :grinning:

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At least I still had the saved link, so I just needed to put it in. Thanks for the reminder, and you are certainly not alone with this “special skill”. LOL

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