Problem With Segment timer

I dunno if it’s just happening to me but for some reason, the audio waves doesn’t show up when I’m segmenting for Fiancee. I remember back when I segmented for Jang Ok Jung, the timer came with the audio parts.
Can anyone help me find the solution? It’s making segmenting so hard…

It’s not a bug, so there’s not really anything to be done for now.

Jang Ok Jang was probably a licensed channel. For those, all the videos are uploaded on Viki servers, and they get the audio waves.

But Fiancee looks like a fan channel. Those videos are hosted off-site, and as of now, none of those videos have the audio wave.
There are hardsubs if that helps at all? In any case, I think if you just do a bit of segmenting on it, you’ll get used to it.

Fanchannels (like finance) are quite a challenge because there is no soundwave since they are sourced from YT/DM and can be very laggy. I don’t know if it has hardsubs? If it has and it’s pretty much in sync my advice is to switch of your sound and focus on the hardsub. If it’s really out of sync focus on the voice only. Don’t focus on both because that will be confusing and make it harder. When you are done segging you can check if you didn’t combine voices which should have their own segment. It sometimes also helps to let the video load for a lil while and then start segmenting.