Problem with segmenting Karadayi Take 2

Hi, there is a problem with segmenting Karadayi Take 2 from Episode 17 onwards and the Viki support team does not respond to us.
Many fans are waiting for translations, but in vain.
Does anyone know what is happening and who can fix our problem, who should we write to and how…

All the best,

Since it’s a fan channel the videos sometimes have many problems segmenting wise because of video format and stuff like that… you should try to find other video sources it might fix the problem

I’m having some issues with Youtube videos lately too D:

Just wondering though, what issues specifically are you having?

I have the same problem. I received a response from Viki yesterday stating that the engineers are aware of the issue and are working on a solution. At this point I can’t segment any YT videos. I can play them and fast forward them but nothing else in the segment timer. Anytime I try to rewind to adjust a segment it starts to reload and gets stuck. Viki is working on a solution. Hopefully it’ll be soon.

I have problem with YT videos too!
Whenever I use arrow to go back to check the segment, it video would be loading forever.
The viki staff has been aware about this since over a week ago but up to now I still have the same issue…
I hope they won’t take forever to fix this…

Guess what everyone? If you haven’t discovered it on your own by now, it works now!!! YAY!!! Thank you engineers=)

Jinjja?? I will check it out. Thanks for the info, BJW!

That happened with Medcezir (Ebb & Tide) too. It’s working now so subs should come soon.