Problems with Viki site?


Is anyone else having issues with Viki today? It keeps taking me to an error page and I can’t get back into the site. When I do get in, I don’t see the subtitles. I just wanted to know if it’s my internet connection or if there are problems with the site today.


Yes I can’t get into the managing tool on my CM projects. Very annoying


No English subtitles and there is a black bar covering the chinese words??


As of May 4, 2019 Viki site is not working correctly, sometime you can log in and sometime you can not.
there is NO subtitle. And if you are using an App like Roku for the TV your History list from where you left off is not there nor is there any Subtitles. I have seen other people report this same issues on other websites. So here it is the weekend here in the States and No Viki. :frowning: Here a report to show that is not working as it should



I have the same thing here in NY. Just went to relax with a favorite drama and there are no subs. I tried, Firestick, then went on the Roku and also on the PC subs are nowhere. How dissapointing.


Yes! I am watching My Blooming Love and there are no subtitles for certain episodes. Even episodes I watched earlier today that had subtitles now do not have any. Roku or phone. Very frustrating.


Thank you for the information, I’m sorry everyone is having issues. I hope they can resolve the problems soon.


Same problem here in South Georgia, no subtitles and Learn mode faded out.


Também estou tendo problema com as legendas. As legendas não aparecem . Rio de Janeiro BRASIL.


No English subtitles for my four favorite dramas – Started today.


netflix was down and short after viki also…

just youtube did still work even though it was super slow compared to normal


I complained early this morning and usually get a response from Viki right away. I don’t see any response from them anywhere. And it isn’t just Roku - my tablet and computer don’t have subs either.


I came to see if anyone was having trouble with Chromecast for Viki. My app started acting up last night and now it won’t even connect with the Chromecast. Like the little symbol won’t show up. I am going to Twitter to see if I can get some answers.


Yep, I think they have just given up with service. I started watching History of a Salaryman quite some time ago and had to stop after 5 episodes.

Now, more than a month later, I still can’t watch it because of subtitle synch problems. It will probably be gone before I can watch the rest of it.

Sad, when you consider how popular these dramas and movies are. :o(


Everything works okay for me: subtitles, subtitle editor, messages. I am in Europe.


yes since this morning it works here (europe) again.
till the morning hours it didn´t work


I’m still having issues today also. Even though I have the Viki pass, it wont let me watch the dramas. I have no idea what is going on but I hope they get this fixed soon. This is so frustrating!!


I had problem all day long yesterday, and was informed it had to do mainly with the internet. Today, everything is working just fine. Hope things get fixed soon for you. :slight_smile:


Same issue with subtitles there…:frowning:


Can I ask, why isnt viki app for xiaomi redmi 5 plus?