Problems with Viki site?


I’m having problems since Sunday, but only with single dramas/shows. On Sunday I was working on “Traveler” and the subtitles were saved very slowly, after 3-4 segments I had to refresh and when I refreshed, Viki kicked me out. I had to sign in again and the whole thing repeated itself again and again. It took me around 2 hours for just 43% and I called it a day for this show. Yesterday, the same procedure and I needed 2,5 hours to complete just this one part, I was so annoyed. Other dramas were working fine, only Legend of Yun Xi had the same issue.

And I know that several subtitlers in different teams had the same problems, some even couldn’t enter the editor.


For me, the site started having issues from late-Friday. Two of my cover designs went berserk, one on Friday and the other on Saturday. Were they due to an unwitting volunteer or two, or a bug or two?

Small screencaps of them:
Went berserk::

Went berserk:

They have been rectified. However, it still makes me wonder if these were due to a ‘bug’ or ‘mischief’. But, why am I being targeted? Why to my designs? :smiling_imp:

On top of the above, I too was having issues trying to access Subtitle Tool, and when I could access, I was kicked out repeatedly while trying to edit “Brave to Love” and “The Legend of Hao Lan”. It’s still happening. One last thing, my disqus posts in Team Discussion seem to have disappeared too! Not the first time, though. Why?

Hopefully, it’ll all be okay soon. :disappointed:


That was happening to me so much last month it was driving me crazy. My subtitles would completely disappeared, and I had to write them all over again! But it stopped out of the blue (I didn’t go to help center). So, I’m guessing it must be a bug going around.

I know how annoying/frustrating that can be. Hope it all gets resolved soon so you can work at ease and happy. One suggestion if you can do it, I stayed away from the drama for a while, and when I went back to work on it, it was working normally. You never know.


German teams are usually working with deadlines or at least my teams :slight_smile: and I was late for my own deadline, so I wanted to finish this part asap. It’s not a good sign, if the moderator is late, you know, cough, role model cough :innocent: But I shamelessly dropped on Sunday and finished overdue on Monday. And found some other deadlines to work, it’s not, that I’m jobless on Viki :wink:


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This happened once with the coverpage for Whisper, I don’t know on which server it was uploaded. Maybe some problems with the uploader?


Since yesterday I have the problem that an episode of one of my projects is up but for me it’s still on “coming soon” and when I click on the direct link it gives me an error. And I saw other team members worked on it today because their seg count went up. So strange… And why is Viki suddenly uploading so late. It’s time for bed for me and my fellow citizens eps are still not up for today while usually things are up between 5-7PM?!


Is anyone else having issues with learn mode for korean dramas? learn mode is working for japanese and chinese dramas, but not korean. By not working I mean, when I hover my arrow over the korean subtitles they do not come up with a little box that has the word definitions. I am learning Korean, and this is one of the ways I have been doing it, so it is frustrating that its not working anymore!


YES! I thought I was doing something wrong bc the [show subtitles] went off as soon turned on the learn mode in a korean drama I was watching. I think it was [kill it] but I was also watching [Sketch] can’t remember which of the two had the learn mode issue.


I have tried MANY Korean dramas and the learn mode hasn’t been working properly on any of them


By “uploader”, do you mean the image storage site? If so, it’s apparently not that because only these two covers (of mine) were affected (this time). In any case, Viki’s engineering support team is on it (THANKS!). Hopefully, they can find the cause, and I certainly hope it would not be due to any mischief by any volunteer or vikian, or abuser from either Viki or the image storage site.


My problem is that two images on my About Me page disappeared (my Ninja badge and another one). The link was broken and the URL gave an error message. I had uploaded them on the viki server (not any other third-party hosting site) from my pc, where they are still safely stored, so no harm done, I just reuploaded them. But why did that happen?


Hi everyone,

Thank you for writing in. We’ve been made aware of Learn Mode not working for Korean and it’s been raised to engineering to look into. We appreciate your patience as they investigate further.

For the other issues, please submit a request to the Help Center. If possible, please include screenshot(s) of what you’re seeing, as this will better assist our support team.

Thank you!

Viki Community Team


Since May 18th all subtitles are gone. You can select any language but no subtitles are shown.

Reading this section it looks that this already happened 18 days ago but now it’s diferent because I can see subtitles on iPhone app and Web but not on Roku Express and MiBox3(Android TV).


I have problems during subtitling:

For whatever reason I often get an error message that disables/removes the video part on the left side of the subtitling tool.

Today I also got errors within the text fields, meaning, that it says ERROR in red letters below the text file box AND sometimes deleted my already written sentences…

Another bug(?) is that recently. when I click on a part of an episode, the video shows the beginning of the episode even when it is a part in the middle or at the end. Some time ago the parts automaticlly showed the fitting video scene. (Mostyl after reloading 1+ times it shows the correct video part…)

I don’t know why this occurs. I didn’t have such problems before.

Anyone has an idea how to fix it?


Thank you @irmar, the post has been removed for spam.



Does anyone know if i can change my name here? I´m always just having this long number as name and i can´t change it somehow. I see that other people have normal name. Can anyone help me, i really can´t find a way.


@1790636671189624_139 You need to change your username at Viki, later it will change here as well.
There is a post from Help Center


Thank you so much for your help!


I´m sorry for coming back with the same problem again. So i changed my name on the viki site and updated it. The right username ias saved on the visi site but it´s still showing only the weird numbers in the community chatrooms :confused:


jepp. i heard you then have two names