Problems with Viki site?


This page here is slower with changing the user name, I guess because the update with Viki site is not too often. So hopefully in a few days you will have the same name at both places. :wink:


ohhh is see~ tbank you for explaining me! :slight_smile:


I have written complaints several times with no response. I am paying for a service I can not get. I will not upgrade if I can not even get service at the standard rate. Very disappointed to have service stop in the middle of series when I am paying for them. I will wait a while longer before terminating, in case there is a reason for the problems that I have not discovered.


Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems. I don’t have any authority but I would like to help.
I feel bad since you’ve encountered the problem of many of getting the license for the show expiring mid-series. Viki is working to let us know before that happens but I don’t think this will be quick. any way I think you should request the show to help make them bring it back to you. I don’t have the link but you can find it on the community page. you should find a button called “request new title” or some thing like that, I honestly can’t remember. If someone has the link, please post it.
The other thing is you say you’ve written many complaints. If those complaints were written to the help center then they should help you soon. But if you wrote about your problem in the comment section or in the discussions, then no one will get to them as these are not places reviewed by the Viki staff.
I know that I wasn’t of any help to you but I just thought I might help you find your way around better in order to enjoy the website.


Since you have not written what series you are talking about as a volunteer I can’t look into it.
It could be that …
…, the license ended.
…, it could be a technical issue.
Or this issue^tfw|twcamp^embeddedtimeline|twterm^profile%3AVikiStatus&
I don’t know about your complains but try to be as detailed as possible. Channel, episode where it happened, screenshots, device, operating system, browser, app, …
Yesterday there was some movement at the Help Desk, so maybe you want to try it once more.
Good luck!


Here is what I wrote this morning to another nice sister-viewer. I also feel great to get your response and will be back to you all soon as I check some other things it could be.

“Thanks, Lutra! I really appreciate hearing from you. I will try a few more things, including contacting my internet provider about speed. Problem got awful when I updated Microsoft Edge. I will write my details and hope for the best. I really love and miss VIKI. Thanks again, Unnie.”


I cannot open my Viki account at home, on my larger TV, and also, the sound refuses to work, on my home TV, but only when I an on Viki. Weird, right?


If it is about bugs and other technical issues it’s better to either report here:
or submit a request, all available under the same link.
You might want to look through search function if there are others that have the same problem as you.
I wish you good luck and don’t forget to name the TV at your post or request.